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Making your own curtains or other soft furnishings for the home? Then take a look at the braids and cords range at Spotlight, for a selection of decorative trims to finish your project. With braid, nylon cord, twill tape, pompom fringe, and flange cord to choose from, you will be able to put the finishing touch to your interior designs. Useful for curtains, blinds, cushions, and other sewing or quilting projects, these decorative braids and cords are available in a range of colours and styles for both modern and traditional interiors.

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Can I purchase braids and cords at Spotlight?

Here at Spotlight, we stock a large range of different braids and cords for all your interior design projects, as part of our furnishing trims selection. Put the perfect finishing touches to your sewing and enjoy a professional finish to all of your pieces with these handy accessories. All our cords, braid, and tape is available by the metre so can buy as much or as little as you need.

Which types of cord are available in the range?

The range includes twisted cord in various widths, ideal for covering with material for making piping for cushions and other soft furnishing projects. Also nylon cord, Austrian blind cord, and flanged cord in a range of colours and sizes to finish off any number of different sewing projects.

What can you tell me about the braid that is included in the range?

Decorative braid can be used on classic style furniture such as along seat edges of dining chairs, or where you want to cover rows of small nails for other upholstery projects. It can also be used to enhance theatrical and play costumes, around caps, or on the edge of capes or coats. It is available in different widths to suit your project.

What else is included in the range?

The range of braids and cords also includes twill tape, a strong flat tape often used for ties (for instance on the corners of chair pads), apron strings and can also be used as edging for many fabrics. It is available in several colours and like all the other braids and cords, can be purchased by the metre here at Spotlight.

What else is available at Spotlight in the furnishing trims range?

Apart from braid, cord, and twill tape, you can also find various types and sizes of tassels, and fringe in a whole range of different designs from beaded, tasselled, pom-pom and more. Check out the great range of furnishing trims at Spotlight today for all your upcoming sewing projects.



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