Cafe Curtains

For windows where full curtains are not required, check out the range of cafe curtains at Spotlight. Consisting of a short curtain and a valance, these curtains will dress your window and still give you privacy while letting in daylight. Cafe curtains are ideal for kitchens and bathrooms, and are easily installed as they can be fitted on an expanding curtain rod or even on curtain wire if preferred. With several stylish designs to choose from, you can add a touch of colour to your windows without blocking the view.

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Can I purchase café - curtains at Spotlight?

Yes, you can. Our convenient café - curtains are ideal for windows where you want to let light in without sacrificing your privacy. They come in sets of two including a short top curtain and a longer bottom curtain, which can be gathered onto curtain wire or slim curtain rods.

What exactly is a café - curtain?

The term "cafe curtain" may not mean much to you if you aren't in the design or decorating business. But once you see an image you will realise that they are quite familiar to most of us.
A café - curtain is a curtain that is hung only partway up the window - the way many old roadside cafes used to cover their windows. Some have a matching shorter curtain, more like a valance, to decorate the top of the window. Cafe curtains are made of fabric that can be sheer or semi-opaque, and they can be lined or unlined. Often, they are made as a rod pocket panel, which is installed with a tension curtain rod.

Where can I use café - curtains in the house?

Although people often immediately think of café - curtains for the kitchen, these short-tier curtains that cover the bottom half of windows are perfect for more than just the kitchen. Some areas that are ideal for café - curtains are bathrooms, the study, nursery, hallway or landings. Cafe curtains perfectly balance the need for privacy and light, letting plenty of light in while keeping inquisitive eyes out. And the best part? You can get them up quickly with little effort, simply by screwing two small eyelets into the sides of the window frame for a curtain wire, or if you do not want to make holes, by using a tension rod.

What if my windows are wider or narrower than the sizes shown?

You can simply trim a café - curtain at home to fit a narrower window, and for wider windows, buying an extra set means you can simply gather more curtains onto the rod or curtain wire to cover greater distances.

Does Spotlight sell other window dressings too?

Yes, your options for window dressings at Spotlight are huge. You can make your own curtains, either sheer or from various type of solid curtain fabric, from our huge collection of fabrics sold by the metre. If you prefer ready-made curtains, you have a choice from a wide range of colours, designs, styles and sizes too. In addition, you can find blinds including roller blinds, venetian blinds, roman blinds and more in our collection too. Everything you need to hang your curtains can also be found here at Spotlight.



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