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Common Questions About Curtains Answered

Curtains are a popular way to add more privacy to your home or to block out sunlight. Since curtains can have different functions, it is important to choose the right curtains for the right job. To help you choose the right curtains and hang them in your home properly, we have created an overview with frequently asked questions about curtains.

Which Type Of Curtain Is Best?

The best curtain will depend on your budget, room configuration and the function you want from them. For example, if you’re a light sleeper then blackout curtains which filter our most of the light are best curtain for your needs.

Below are the ‘top 5’ most popular categories from our ready-to-hang curtains section:

Eyelet Curtains – one of the most popular eyelet curtains we have is the Koo Ellory Eyelet Curtain. Eyelet curtains prove especially popular for living rooms and dining rooms. They also come in various colours, which includes lighter blues and pinks. Therefore, you could consider them for a child’s bedroom too. You can also find many kids’ curtains in our range with an eyelet top.

Concealed Tab Top Blackout Curtains - Blackout ready-to-hang curtains are popular for bedrooms; this due to the fact they block out sunlight. Of course, these special curtains can be hung in any room where you want to keep sunlight out.

Sheet Eyelet CurtainsThe third most popular choice at Spotlight is the sheer eyelet curtain. Sheer curtains have been a top choice for years, whether you want a little bit of privacy in your home or a pair of curtains that still lets in some natural sunlight. Sheer eyelet curtains also look classy and elegant. In short, a wonderful choice for a dining room or living room.

Canvas Concealed Tab Curtains – Canvas curtains are a staple in many households; this since canvas provides a lot of durability. At Spotlight, one of the most popular options is a canvas curtain with concealed tabs. One of these curtains provides you with the durability of canvas, but also with hidden tabs for a better interior design.

Lace Curtains – The fifth most popular choice at Spotlight is the lace curtain. Much like sheer curtains, lace curtains let in natural light while providing privacy. However, opposed to regular sheer curtains, lace curtains are more elegant and luxurious. Therefore, lace curtains could be perfect as dining room curtains. That being said, most sheer curtains will fall under the category of cheap curtains, which means they could be more affordable.

How To Hang Curtains?

You can easily hang curtains by using a curtain rod or a curtain track. The type you obtain depends somewhat on your curtains, but also on the overall design you prefer. Curtain tracks tend to blend with your interior quite well, while curtain rods can place more of an accent around your window.

How To Wash Curtains?

Most lightweight curtains can easily be washed in the washing machine. However, if you have curtains made from a heavier material, it is recommended to wash them by hand with a delicate laundry soap and/or detergent.

How To Measure For Curtains?

The method used to measure for curtains is subject to the window you have. Since most people buy curtains online, it is vital to get these measurements right. If you have a wall-to-wall window, it is advised to measure the window. For all other types of windows, we have described the method below.

Before you start measuring your curtains, it is important to determine how your curtains will hang over the window. For example, are you going to use a curtain rod or a track? Once you have decided, hang the rod or the track approximately 15 centimetres above the window and make sure it extends at least 15 centimetres on either side of the window.

For the length of your curtains, you have to determine how long you want your curtains. In general, you want your curtains either below the windowsill or just above the floor. To measure just below the window sill, add 15 centimetres to the distance from your curtain rod to windowsill. If you prefer floor length, take the measurement from curtain rod to the floor and subtract 15 centimetres. If you are taking measurements for curtains that will go on a dedicated curtain track, you must take your measurements from the top of the track.

Combining Blinds And Curtains

Homeowners can combine blinds and curtains, but there are some general rules to take into consideration. If you do decide to go ahead with both curtains and blinds, always make sure you consider any window treatments present.

Curtains And Blinds

When combining curtains and blinds, it is best to choose similar patterns and or colours; this keeps a cohesiveness in your home. However, you do not have to match the colours of curtains and blinds with the colour of your wall. While you can choose a similar pattern, you can choose a different colour or pattern if you want to draw attention to that window.

Vertical Blinds

The easiest way to combine curtains and blinds is to use a combination of vertical blinds with your curtains. Horizontal blinds can be more difficult to combine, since they break up the overall design. If you have questions about the combination of curtains and blinds, or other questions regarding window treatments, you can always contact the Spotlight customer service team.



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