Printed Curtain Fabrics

Add a touch of colour and design to your room with this range of printed curtain fabrics at Spotlight! These curtain fabrics have printed designs on them which are only be visible on one side. These include florals, stripes, geometric prints and delicate patterns. Printed curtain fabrics are available as uncoated, or with sun out or thermal properties, to help you filter light or improve insulation for both Summer and Winter times. Ideal for curtains but also for cushions, table runners and many other sewing projects around the home.

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Can I purchase printed curtain fabrics at Spotlight?

You can! Spotlight stocks many printed curtain fabrics in a number of different designs and colourways, to enable you to make your own window dressings, blinds and other interior projects including cushions, bean bag covers and more. On printed fabrics, the design is generally only visible on one side, so keep in mind that you may need to line your printed curtain fabric unless you are using coated fabrics such as thermal or sun out printed curtain fabrics. All these options are available here at Spotlight.

What are the differences in the types of printed curtain fabric?

Uncoated fabrics are, as the name suggests, just fabric. They are usually cotton fabrics, but always check individual product descriptions to see the finer details on each fabric. Other fabrics available are Thermal fabrics, which are coated with several layers of an acrylic backing to help you regulate the temperature inside your room. When the curtains are drawn, the insulation will help to keep warmth in and cold out in winter, while in summer they can help to minimise the effects of the sun and keep your rooms cooler. Similarly, Sun out or Block out fabrics are provided with a coating that will help you make the room darker, and minimise the effects of sunlight. These fabrics are often used for curtains in bedrooms.

How do I measure up fabric for making curtains?

Curtains are often best when they are generously sized, but there are differences depending on the style you need. Formal curtains such as pinch pleat curtains have deep pleats at fixed intervals and must be made exactly to the width of the window, pencil pleat curtains are best at twice the width of the window so they are generous when gathered, while fixings such as tab top or eyelet curtains can be made at no more than 1.5 times the width of the window and still hang nicely. You must allow extra for hems and seams, and when buying printed curtain fabric, make sure you allow extra if you are sewing several widths together and you are looking for an exact pattern match.

Does Spotlight sell other curtain fabrics too?

Yes, at Spotlight we have a huge range of different curtain fabrics including plain curtain fabrics, Jacquard curtain fabrics (where the design is woven into the fabric), sheer curtain fabrics, kids curtain fabrics and magic drape curtain fabrics, which have eyelets or heading tape already fixed to them when you purchase the fabric. You can also search for properties such as thermal or room darkening fabrics. Browse our whole range of curtain fabrics to see the many different options available.

How do I care for my printed curtain fabrics?

Always check the product descriptions for specific details, but as a rule, most printed fabrics can be washed either by hand or in the washing machine on a gentle cycle. Always take care to remove all hooks and pin down any cords from heading tape as this can get very tangled in the machine if left loose. To avoid excessive creasing, you are advised to let your curtains dry hanging on the line or at the window if possible. For thermal and sun out backed curtains, it is important to make sure the backing does not stick together while the curtains are drying.



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