Plain Curtain Fabrics

Plain does not have to mean boring! Check out these stunning plain curtain fabrics at Spotlight that come in a range of different colours. Available by the metre, you can use these fabrics for curtains, blinds, cushions and a variety of other sewing projects. Choosing a plain fabric can help you avoid the need to worry about matching patterns into your current room decor and style. Choose from uncoated fabric, or coated fabrics that will help you block out light, heat and cold. Magic drape, that already includes curtain heading tape or eyelets, is also available in a number of plain colours.

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Can I purchase plain curtain fabrics at Spotlight?

Yes, we stock a number of plain curtain fabrics in our large range of curtain fabrics. Plain fabrics can be ideal if you have a busy interior with many different designs in carpet and furnishings competing for attention. They are also great to use as borders, contrasts, or for tie backs, allowing you to pick out one of the main colours in your patterned fabric. For all our different curtain fabrics please check out our other ranges of curtain fabrics as well.

What types of plain curtain fabrics are available?

Here at Spotlight, we stock uncoated fabrics, as well as sun out or block out to provide light insulation, and thermal backed curtains which will help you with insulation against heat and cold. Coated curtain fabrics are usually backed with 2 - 3 coats of acrylic to provide their insulating properties, and are ideal if you want to make a bedroom darker, for instance for children or people who have to work nights and sleep in the daytime, while thermal fabrics can help you keep cold and heat out at different times of year simply by drawing the curtains. They can also help you to protect your interior from damage and fading caused by sunlight.

What are the magic drapes included in the plain curtain fabric range?

Magic drapes are the nearest you can get to curtain on a roll. With eyelets or curtain heading tape already fixed down one side, you can simply buy as much material as needed, hem the sides, determine the right length for your window and hem the bottom and your curtain is ready! You can avoid sewing altogether by using double-sided adhesive tape to hem the curtains.

What colours and fabrics are available in the plain curtain fabrics?

You will be spoilt for choice when it comes to colour, with the many different options on offer. Choose from stylish black or white, neutral shades or bold striking colours to suit your style and interior. With regard to fabrics, you can choose from faux silk, slub or twill, each of which has their own texture that will add interest to your plain curtain fabrics.

How do I care for my plain curtain fabric?

Most plain curtain fabrics can be machine washed at a low temperature. It may be advisable to wash strong colours separately by hand before first use, in case some remains of dye are still left in the fabric. Always make sure that you take out curtain hooks before washing, and where possible let curtains dry by hanging them on the line or by putting them back up at the window to dry, to avoid excessive creasing. For thermal and block out curtains, it is important to ensure that the backings do not touch when drying.



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