Jacquard Curtain Fabrics

Add a touch of class and elegance to your interior with these stunning jacquard fabrics from Spotlight. Jacquard fabrics feature a design that is woven into, rather than printed on the fabric, and are ideal for curtains, cushions and a whole range of other projects. The Jacquard collection at Spotlight includes plain fabrics, stripes, and geometric and floral designs in a stunning range of colours, making them suitable for all types of interior from classic to ultra-modern. Thermal Jacquard fabric is also included, with an acrylic backing that can help to insulate your home.

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Can I purchase Jacquard curtain fabrics at Spotlight?

Yes, we have beautiful Jacquard fabrics in stock in a range of designs and colours, all available by the metre. Jacquard fabrics feature a design that is woven into the fabric rather than printed on it and are ideal for curtains, cushions and a whole range of other projects. They are often heavier than printed fabrics and therefore drape better, creating a full and stylish look for your interior. They can also be used for other upholstery projects to give a coordinated result.

Are Jacquard fabrics suitable for my style?

Here at Spotlight, we have Jacquard fabrics in a range of designs to suit both traditional and contemporary interior home styles. Many of them are also available in a range of colours which means that you will have even more options to choose from, and there are plain, striped and patterned fabrics in the range. When choosing patterned fabrics, always remember to allow some extra material if you need to do a pattern match, for instance on curtains. The larger the pattern, the more you will need to allow to make sure you can match each length.

Are there different types of Jacquard fabric?

Here at Spotlight, we have uncoated Jacquard fabric, as well as some that have thermal and sun out properties. These fabrics have the benefit of extra coating to help insulate your home for warmth and/or sunlight, and will feel thicker due to their coated backing. using these fabrics at your window will help you to make the room darker, as well as keeping the cold or the heat out depending on the time of year, once your curtains are drawn. This is also helpful for protecting your interior from fading due to sun damage. It is of course also possible to buy separate lining material here at Spotlight to back your homemade curtains.

Does Spotlight sell other types of fabric too?

Yes, as well as Jacquard curtain fabric you will also find many other curtain fabrics here, including printed, sheer, kids, sun out and thermal fabrics, all available by the metre and at very affordable prices, in a wide range of designs and colours to suit your home. In addition to those, you will also find magic drape fabric here, as well as a huge range of fabrics suitable for dressmaking and craft projects. Browse our range of fabrics to see the many wonderful options!

How do I care for my Jacquard curtain fabric?

Most Jacquard fabrics can be washed in the washing machine on a gentle wash at low temperature. As with all fabrics, it is advisable to check a small piece first to see if the fabric will shrink or be affected in any other way. If in doubt, seek expert advice. When washing curtains, always make sure that you remove all sharp objects such as hooks as they will damage the fabric. Fabrics with a coated backing should be dried without the backing material touching, so if possible hang the curtains up while still damp and draw them closed, so they have the most room to dry.



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