Fabric Protection

Do you have some pets in the house and want to protect your fabrics?Get some fabric protector from Spotlight for your pillows, curtains and sofas! Our fabric protectors not only protect you from Pets but also against spills and stains!

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Can I purchase Fabric Protection spray at Spotlight?

Yes you can! If you want to protect any upholstery fabrics including curtains from unwanted spills and stains, it is recommended that you coat them with a fabric protector to prolong their lifespan. Protect chairs, sofas and other upholstered furniture against accidental spills or stains such as wine, food, mud and dirt by coating the fabric with fabric protection spray. Also ideal to protect your furniture from muddy paws too!

When should I apply fabric protector?

Ideally, use fabric protector as soon as your upholstered furniture, curtains or other fabric items arrive. Guardsman Protector is non-harmful and environmentally safe, it has been developed to give the maximum possible protection against stains by creating an invisible barrier around the fibres of the fabric. Guardsman protector has no odour and does not alter the look, feel or colour of your fabric. Always read the instructions carefully before use and make sure rooms are well ventilated when using the product. Please always keep chemicals out of reach from children and dispose of aerosol cans in a responsible manner.

What else can I do to keep my upholstered furnishings looking good?

Fabric-upholstered furniture adds function and beauty to a home. The choices are many with a wide variety of fibres, fabrics, colours and styles available. With the right care, the life of your fabric furniture can be prolonged. In order to maintain the appearance and condition of your fabric, it is useful to develop a regular maintenance routine. Below are some tips on how to keep your furniture looking great:

  • Regularly vacuum your furniture to remove dust, dirt and debris.
  • Rotate & plump loose cushions to maintain their appearance and avoid uneven wear.
  • Do not allow body/hair grease and oil to build up.
  • Never use detergents or abrasive cleaners.
  • Try not to place your furniture near heat sources or in direct sunlight, this could cause fading.
  • If you accidently spill something on your furniture, wipe excess away (do not rub) with a slightly dampened sponge immediately. You should only use quality, specialised upholstery cleaning products to treat spills.
  • Re-apply fabric protector after a period, check manufacturers recommendation.



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