Feed your imagination & creativity, with Spotlights large collection of Yarn.

From fitting the right thread colour to creating a masterpiece with a variety yarns, Spotlight has everything you need, all at great low prices!

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  •   Moda Vera Hue Yarn

    Moda Vera Hue Yarn

    Moda Vera Hue Yarn, knitting yarn / free pattern on every ball.

    Reg: $8.99

    VIP: $5.99

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  • Moda Vera Beetle Yarn

    Moda Vera Beetle Yarn

    Moda Vera Beetle Yarn is perfect for knitting.

    Reg: $5.99

  • Arbee Merino Rovings

    Arbee Merino Rovings

    Needle Felting Is An Easy Needle Punch Form Of Embellishing A Piece Of Woollen Felt. This Can Then Be Made Into A Picture, A Toy, A Hat Or A Bag. No Glue Or Thread Is Required. By Using A Felting Needle, Felting Wool And A Piece Of Woollen Felt You Will See Your Design Come To Life.

    Reg: $6.99 - $22.99

  • Arbee Raw Wool

    Arbee Raw Wool

    Arbee Raw Wool is great for craft projects.

    Reg: $4.00 - $9.99

  • 4 Seasons Pure Wool 8 Ply Yarn

    4 Seasons Pure Wool 8 Ply Yarn

    Start your next knitting project by using 4 Seasons Pure Wool 8 Ply Yarn.

    Reg: $5.99

  • 4 Seasons Printed Pure Wool 8 Ply Yarn

    4 Seasons Printed Pure Wool 8 Ply Yarn

    Start your next knitting project by using 4 Seasons Printed Pure Wool 8 Ply Yarn.

    Reg: $3.00 - $6.99

  • Lionbrand Heartland Yarn

    Lionbrand Heartland Yarn

    This sensationally soft, premium acrylic comes in heathered and tweedy shades inspired by the natural beauty of the American landscape. The subtle shades of this yarn suggest landmarks like the Redwood Forest, the Everglades, and Yosemite National Park. Made in America, Heartland is an easy-care yar...

    Reg: $7.00 - $11.99

  • Milford Metallic Yarn

    Milford Metallic Yarn

    Milford Metallic Yarn is the quality yarn and great for crocheting projects.

    Reg: $7.99

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Can I purchase yarn at Spotlight?

Yes you can! Check out the wide variety of different yarns available at Spotlight, and get creative with some knitting or crochet projects, or encourage your kids to try some crafts such as making pom-poms, felting or embroidery. With a wide variety of yarns on offer, including wools, cotton, acrylic, blends and novelty yarns, the possibilities are endless.

What are the differences between the various types of yarn?

Yarn can be made of all kinds of different materials, but the most common ones are:

  • Animal based such as wool (which comes in many different varieties including long-haired and fluffy) and silk.
  • Plant based such as cotton and linen, and more recently also bamboo.
  • Synthetic like acrylic, nylon and rayon.

Each type of yarn has its own advantages and disadvantages, often in relation to how it can be washed or how well it will stand up to wear and tear.

In addition, you will find descriptions such as variegated yarn, which means it changes colour along the strand and creates a multi-coloured effect) - novelty yarn, which can include all kinds of embellishments including long strands, beads, pom-poms, and more, and blended yarns, which may be a combination of two different materials such as cotton and rayon, or wool and acrylic. Metallic yarns have small pieces of shiny material woven into them, which creates a shiny or glittery effect.

Which is the best yarn for me to use?

That very much depends on what you are making, and what the end product is intended to do. For instance, baby clothes need to be soft but also washable, so making them from pure wool is not always the best option as it is likely to shrink, and a soft acrylic will do a much better job. If you are making a soft summer garment such as a top or shawl, you may want to use cotton or a cotton blend to make the item pleasant to wear in hot weather, while a winter scarf would be better done in a chunky wool or acrylic blend. Budget is also a consideration, as you can purchase many great value cheaper yarns, or go for small batch hand-dyed yarns if money is no object.

What else should I know about yarns?

Many yarns are dyed in batches, so it is advisable to make sure you buy enough yarn in one go, as buying the same shade later may result in a (usually slight) colour difference. Many novelty yarns are only suitable for knitting but do not lend themselves to crochet due to the different actions involved.

What about the accessories and tools?

You can count on Spotlight to provide you with everything you need to complete your creative projects. We stock knitting needles, crochet hooks, stitch markers and holders, pom-pom makers, scissors, looms and felting tools to name but a few. There are even pattern books to inspire you, so check out our complete knitting and crochet range today and find everything you need at Spotlight!