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  • Renoir Foam Roller

    Renoir Foam Roller

    Renoir Foam Rollers are made with firm density, quality foam. These easy to wash rollers are an excellent way to apply various paints to almost any surface. Use it to touch up corners when painting large surfaces.

    Reg: $3.99 - $4.99

  • Renoir Clay Gun Extruder

    Renoir Clay Gun Extruder

    The Renoir Clay Gun Extruder is for use with Polymer clay projects. It is easy to use, for variety of patterns. Perfect for creating fine detail and unique textures using polymer clays. Includes 19 interchangeable discs with a handy storage box.

    Reg: $29.99

  • Renoir Magnetic Mannequin

    Renoir Magnetic Mannequin

    The Renoir Magnetic Manikin is able to be posed in many ways, and is an essential tool for artists.

    Reg: $14.99 - $19.99

  • Sculpey Acrylic Clay Roller

    Sculpey Acrylic Clay Roller

    The Sculpey Acrylic Clay Roller is designed to roll even sheets of clay. Its non-stick surface eliminates the need for a release agent. It smooths clay surfaces, and cleans with soap and water.

    Reg: $14.88

  • Sculpey Clay Tool Starter Set

    Sculpey Clay Tool Starter Set

    Shape, texture and detail with the Sculpey Clay Tool Starter Set. Each unique tool has distinctive ends to suit a variety of modelling needs: Needle End Pointer - create lines, small holes, textures, fine details and patterns. Flat End - create uniform circles. Blunt Point - small scale sculpting, p...

    Reg: $14.99

  • Sculpey 5-In-1 Clay Tool

    Sculpey 5-In-1 Clay Tool

    The Sculpey 5-in-1 Clay Tool. Handle with interchangeable tool heads. Easy to change with embedded magnets. Blade - create lines, fine details and cut clay. Cone Tip Shaper - shape and smooth clay, blend seams, create textures and patterns. Chisel Tip Shaper - form thin lines and patterns, smooth cl...

    Reg: $29.99

  • Jovi Air Dry Papier Mache Paste

    Jovi Air Dry Papier Mache Paste

    The Jovi Air Dry Papier Mache Paste is high quality, with no baking required. It is great for kids, and easy to use!

    Reg: $7.99

  • Sculpey Etch N Pearl Tool Set

    Sculpey Etch N Pearl Tool Set

    Use pointed end to add fine details to clay or to pierce beads. Use concave ends to create delicate pearl patterns.

    Reg: $25.99

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