Tools & Accessories

Tools & Accessories

Create wonderful modelling objects with the large range of tools, accessories and finished available here at Spotlight. From metal cutters to glaze, and moulds to tool kits, you will find everything here in one convenient place.

You can also buy moulds to make various shapes, as well as kits to help you make baby hand or feet impressions and beautiful beads for jewellery, so take a look at this fascinating craft section today! Just one of the many hobby and craft ranges here at Spotlight.

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  • Sculpey Acrylic Clay Roller

    Sculpey Acrylic Clay Roller

    The Sculpey Acrylic Clay Roller is designed to roll even sheets of clay. Its non-stick surface eliminates the need for a release agent. It smooths clay surfaces, and cleans with soap and water.

    Reg: $14.88

  • Sculpey Clay Tool Starter Set

    Sculpey Clay Tool Starter Set

    Shape, texture and detail with the Sculpey Clay Tool Starter Set. Each unique tool has distinctive ends to suit a variety of modelling needs: Needle End Pointer - create lines, small holes, textures, fine details and patterns. Flat End - create uniform circles. Blunt Point - small scale sculpting, p...

    Reg: $14.99

  • Sculpey 5-In-1 Clay Tool

    Sculpey 5-In-1 Clay Tool

    The Sculpey 5-in-1 Clay Tool. Handle with interchangeable tool heads. Easy to change with embedded magnets. Blade - create lines, fine details and cut clay. Cone Tip Shaper - shape and smooth clay, blend seams, create textures and patterns. Chisel Tip Shaper - form thin lines and patterns, smooth cl...

    Reg: $29.99

  • Sculpey Fairy Doll Flexible Push Mould

    Sculpey Fairy Doll Flexible Push Mould

    The Sculpey Fairy Doll Flexible Push Mould is easy to use! It is versatile, compatible with other clays, plaster, craft, soap and other materials.

    Reg: $10.68

  • Crafters Choice Pliers Set

    Crafters Choice Pliers Set

    Crafters Choice Pliers Set contains various size of mini piers suitable for all kinds of jewellery making.

    Reg: $29.99

  • Sculpey Mould Maker Super Elasticlay

    Sculpey Mould Maker Super Elasticlay

    Mould Maker is designed to create permanent, flexible push moulds in a matter of minutes. Ideal for repairing picture frames or sculptures, Mould Maker can also be used to make moulds of your favourite creations, buttons, coins and more. It is soft enough to shape around even the most intricate deta...

    Reg: $24.99

  • Sculpey Eraser Clay Set

    Sculpey Eraser Clay Set

    This amazing Eraser Clay can be moulded, sculpted, stamped or patterned, just like regular clays, to create a vibrant collection of usable erasers!

    Reg: $16.99

  • Renoir Clay Gun Extruder

    Renoir Clay Gun Extruder

    The Renoir Clay Gun Extruder is for use with Polymer clay projects. It is easy to use, for variety of patterns. Perfect for creating fine detail and unique textures using polymer clays. Includes 19 interchangeable discs with a handy storage box.

    Reg: $29.99

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