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Make your own amazing jewellery, artworks, collages, and other craft objects with our huge range of beads, charms, stones and more here at Spotlight. Ideal for use in hobbies, work, kids parties and fund-raising projects, the extensive range of beads includes everything from simple wooden beads right up to precious stones. Here you will find everything from small seed heads and glass beads right up to metal charms, steampunk items and large designer baubles to help you create wonderfully artistic creations. You can also find tools, accessories and other essentials in our beads and jewellery section.

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Can I purchase beads and charms at Spotlight?

Yes, you can. At Spotlight, we have a range of beads and charms available for all your crafting needs. The collection of beads and charms at Spotlight is enormous, with various sizes, materials, colours and designs available. From small seed beads to Swarovski crystals and stunning pendants, Spotlight is the one stop shop for beads and charms for jewellery making, artwork, collages and crafts.

What can I make with the beads and charms from Spotlight?

The possibilities are endless! Whether you want to make jewellery, collages, DIY home decor projects, or anything else, Spotlight has the bead or charm you desire.

How are beads and charms sold at Spotlight?

At Spotlight, our beads and charms are sold either individually or in multi-packs depending on the size and material of the beads. Each of our stores has a wide choice of beads and charms available, and with over 450 products available online, we are sure that we have the necessary bead that will personalise and invigorate your project.

What types of beads and charms can I purchase at Spotlight?

We have a broad range of high-quality beads and charms available for you. Varying in size, colour and shape, the only limit is your imagination. Whether its essential beads to form the basis of your project, or that one charm that is needed to finish it off, you are sure to find the bead that you are looking for at Spotlight.

How can I find a particular type of bead or charm?

Use the search bar at the top of our website to find a particular type of bead or charm, or perhaps, you do not have anything specific in mind and would prefer to browse our online store and just wait for inspiration to strike. You can also ask at your local store today, and our store assistants will be happy to help.

How should I care for my beads and charms?

We recommend that you do not clean your beads or charms with chemicals, and to keep your beads sparkling, polish them with a soft cloth only. Beads or charms should not come into contact with chlorine or bleach at any time as this can cause permanent damage. If the charm or bead is made from metal, they may be some oxidisation (were the bead can blacken). If this does happen, just use a soft polishing cloth to polish them right up, and the bead or charm will go back to its original state.

What if I change my mind about the product after purchase?

At Spotlight, we understand that people change their minds and so we accept a change of mind returns on all of our beads and charms. As long as the goods are returned within 28 days, a receipt or adequate proof of purchase is provided, the item is not in clearance, and both the item and the packaging are in the original condition, we are happy to provide a refund or exchange. Just pop the item back to your local store or contact Spotlight customer service on 1300 305 405 for further assistance.

What else should I know about the beads and charms available at Spotlight?

We would like to remind you that our beads or charms are not suitable for children under the age of four years old, as they can be a potential choking hazard. We also recommend that when older children are using beads and charms as part of craft projects, they are supervised by an adult at all times.



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