Allergy Sensitive

Allergy Sensitive

Sensitive to allergies? Protect yourself and ensure that you get a good nights sleep by buying allergy-sensitive bedding here at Spotlight.

Pillows are often the most important bedding items to consider, due to their proximity to our faces, so whether you choose to buy new allergy sensitive pillows, or decide to cover your existing pillows with anti-bacterial pillow protectors, it can make a great difference for how refreshed you wake up in the mornings.

The Spotlight range of allergy sensitive products also includes duvets from leading brand Tontine, which carry the blue butterfly symbol of the National Asthma Council of Australias Sensitive Choice programme.

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  •   Tontine I'm Allergy Sensitive Doona

    Tontine I'm Allergy Sensitive Doona

    If you are looking for a quilt that's easy to care for and gives you peace of mind all year, it's hard to go past Tontine. This particular quilt is filled with Ultra fibre, a synthetic substance which has been treated to be anti-microbial and anti-bacterial. This means that allergy-sufferers can get...

    Was: $119.99 - $159.99

    Now: $71.99 - $95.99

  •   Tontine I'm Your First Pillow Extra Soft / Low

    Tontine I'm Your First Pillow Extra Soft / Low

    Specifically designed for young children, this machine-washable pillow has a low profile so as to not strain their necks. This pillow is filled with Ultrafibre, an anti-microbial fiber which inhibits allergenic bacteria growth, and is approved by the National Asthma Council of Australia's Sensitive ...

    Was: $24.99

    Now: $14.99

  •   Tontine I'm Easy To Care For Pillow 2 Pack

    Tontine I'm Easy To Care For Pillow 2 Pack

    This handy two-pack of pillows is great for the whole family. These pillows have a medium loft suitable for those who like to sleep on their back or side, and are filled with a springy synthetic Ultra fibre which won't lose its bounce after washing. The fibres are anti-bacterially treated to prevent...

    Reg: $44.99

    VIP: $26.99

  •   Tontine I'm Still Growing Up Single Doona All Seasons Quilt

    Tontine I'm Still Growing Up Single Doona All Seasons Quilt

    An Ultrafibre fill is both allergy sensitive and versatile - perfect for use all year round. Machine washable and approved by the National Asthma Council Australia, this is a fantastic quilt for your child.

    Was: $84.99

    Now: $50.99

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Why use allergy-sensitive bedding?

We all spend up to a third of our lives in bed, and while we are asleep, our bodies are busy generating new skin cells, losing hairs and sweat, as well as possible other bodily fluids, so it is no surprise that scientists have found that most of our pillows and mattresses contain a range of nasty organisms, bacteria, dust mites and more. Although not dangerous, they can cause skin irritation, trigger asthma attacks, cause breathing difficulties or make you wake up in the morning with sore eyes. If you are sensitive to any of these conditions, or are sensitive to particular materials, it may benefit you to invest in some allergy sensitive bedding available at Spotlight.

It is important to remember that allergies come in all kinds of forms, and people can be allergic to natural materials such as feather or down, often found in bedding, or man-made materials found in many duvets and pillows.

Can I buy allergy sensitive bedding at Spotlight?

Yes, you can! Spotlight stocks special allergy sensitive duvets, pillows, mattress protectors and pillow protectors, all at low prices and in a number of styles and sizes. Check out our online range or look in store for the best allergy sensitive bedding for your home, from leading brands such as Tontine and Brampton House, and others. As there is a large percentage of people who suffers from Asthma or are sensitive to some allergies, you may well have someone in your family who will benefit from our allergy sensitive bedding.

Is allergy sensitive bedding safe for my kids?

Yes, it is! Allergy sensitive bedding is safe for every member of your household no matter what their age, and Tontine even offer a special lightweight duvet and low profile pillow specially designed for youngsters, but all allergy sensitive bedding is a good option for kids bedrooms. Each Tontine Allergy Sensitive pillow and quilt has been accepted into the Sensitive Choice program by the National Asthma Council Australia, and carries the Sensitive Choice butterfly logo.

How do I care for my allergy-sensitive bedding?

All good allergy-sensitive bedding is machine washable, but make sure you read the care label to check at which temperature your bedding can be laundered. House dust mites will be killed at temperatures of 60c and above, but washing at lower temperatures will only provide temporary respite. Dry cleaning is not usually a good alternative for allergy sufferers because the treatment involves fairly harsh chemicals.

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