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Open youngsters to the myriad of creative opportunities that playing with paint and other kids art supplies can give them.

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Must-have kids art supplies

Kids gain so much when we nurture their artistic and creative tendencies but, when it comes down to it, encouraging kids to get involved in arts and crafts is simply a tried and tested method for them to have some plain, old fun.

Some parents shudder at the thought of the clean-up after unleashing their kids on paint but it doesn't have to be that way. Water-based options - like poster paint, non-drip acrylic paints and watercolour sets - are versatile, inexpensive, vivid and non-toxic, which means they're totally safe, produce stunning results and ensure cleaning up is easy.

You can also find purpose-designed brushes and brush sets for experimentation by younger hands and minds, chalks and other markers like crayons and pencils, as well as smocks to keep their clothes presentable and splash mats to protect the carpets and floors.

As well as being heaps of fun, when kids participate in arts and crafts, they're learning developmental skills like attention and focus, hand-eye coordination and problem-solving - as well as key social skills like teamwork and socialising with other kids - that will help set them on the right course in life.

Even more kids arts and crafts supplies to enjoy

Puzzles, board games and card games

Kids puzzles and board games are not just fun - they're awesome for stimulating problem-solving skills and improving their attention to detail.

Kids activity sets and kits

Whether the sun's shining or the rain's falling, kids activity sets and kits will keep them engaged and entertained for hours on end.

Kids beads for jewellery making

Your kids will get loads of satisfaction from designing and making pendants, bracelets and other items of kids jewellery from beads and bead accessories. While having heaps of fun and honing their motor skills, they can create unique gifts for the ones they love.

Kids art easels

Purpose-designed easels for kids are versatile, easy to assemble and fold away neatly for compact storage. Along with their practicality, they're tough enough to deal with everything budding artists can throw at them.

Kids sculpting and modelling clay

Use kids sculpting and modelling clay for developing hand-eye coordination and coming up with special sculptures direct from your child's imagination.

Slime kits and supplies

For generations, kids have been fascinated by the look and feel of slime. Whether you're after natural slime, unicorn slime, popping slime, neon slime or the all-important cleaning slime, we've got your slime requirements covered.

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