Trade Partner Information

To assist our vendors with the supply and ranging of products a number of documents have been supplied below. All questions should be directed to the buying team.


All Spotlight Singapore procurement is undertaken via our procurement and buying teams from our head office in South Melbourne, Australia. Our Store Teams have no authority to bind Spotlight as such unsolicited procurement or supply offers are not welcome.

Photography Style Guides

These guides outline Spotlight's specific requirements in terms of product photography.

We ask Vendors to follow the guide closely as images supplied to Spotlight not meeting our standards & requirements will be rejected.

If you have any queries please contact the Spotlight Buying Team.

Dress and Sew Fabrics, Ribbon, Tim and Elastic v1.0 April 2016

Vendor Compliance Manual

To download the Vendor Compliance Manual, please follow the links below:

Vendor Compliance Manual - General Requirements v14 August 2015

Vendor Compliance Manual - Local Vendor Cross Dock Requirements v11 October 2014

Vendor Compliance Manual - Local Vendor Non Cross Dock Requirments v13 August 2015

Vendor Compliance Manual - Overseas Vendor Requirements v12 May 2016

Vendor Compliance Manual - Dress & Quilting Fabrics Packaging Guide May 2016

Spotlight Test Specification & Requirement Manual

To download the Spotlight Test Specification & Requirement Manual, please follow the link below:

Spotlight Test Specification & Requirements Manual



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