Hi everyone,

As you know, Spotlight has long been committed to all of our community and charity programs. Working with organisations from Peter Mac to Mission Australia, we are very proud of these partnerships, and the impacts they have on many thousands of people.

One of our key programs is our Stitch in Time Program - now in its 10th year, yes 10th year! Stitch in Time began with World Vision Australia, inviting our customer's to trade in their old sewing machines for new ones. Their second hand machines were then donated to World Vision on their behalf. With over 5,000 machines collected, Spotlight and World Vision were able to assist over 750,000 people in developing countries to start a business and make a sustainable income.

Our program has now expanded to include key partnerships in Vietnam, Cambodia and Maningrida in the Northern Territory, as well as numerous community organisations around Australia. Stitch in Time's key partner in Cambodia is an organisation called Together for Cambodia. Together For Cambodia is an orphange, school and shelter for at risk children that works to provide them with a safe place, an education and a better life. Spotlight and our customers have supported this orphanage over the last 8 years through the sales of our Stitch in Time Bags and the Cambodian Cook Books.

Through the funds we have raised together, TFC has recently been able to purchase a block of land in Siem Reap and build a new orphanage, now capable of housing 120 children, up from the 40 they are currently supporting. They have also built a school that will educate an additional 300 local students from the surrounding community, as well as a community sports field - see attached photos. We have specifically sponsored the building of this sports centre through the sale of the bags and cookbooks, and you will be very impressed to see how incredible it looks!

This new centre is opening in early March and we are very excited to be hosting Channel 7 and the editor of Woman's Day and Take 5 Magazines. They will be able to see the amazing program first hand that you and your customers have contributed to, and meet the people whose lives have been changed. There will be extensive media coverage on our Stitch in Time program, both on TV and in the magazines, as well as across all of our social media platforms, and we expect to get a lot of customer enquiry and interest on this topic.

So, how can you help with this? Well, the best way that you and your customers can help is:
- Spread the word - share/comment/like the Facebook posts
- Buy a bag - only $5.99 instore and online
- Buy a cookbook - all of the $20 purchase price goes directly to TFC

This activity is sure to generate even more interest in Stitch in Time so please ensure that the bags and cookbooks are visible in your stores for our customers, and that all staff have an understanding of the program.

Looking forward to updating you all in the coming weeks on the progress of this, as well as posting lots of photos, stories and videos from the opening of the amazing new centre for TFC in Siem Reap.

If you have any questions, comments or would like any more info on this then please call me anytime on 03 9675 4150 or 0413 988 150 and I would be very happy to discuss it with you,

Thanks again and all the best,
Jono (Marketing)



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