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Sewing Equipment At Spotlight

Spotlight has an extensive collection of sewing equipment for any crafter who is ready to tackle some serious projects. From exquisite sewing machines to mannequins and magnifiers, you can find all specialised sewing equipment in the Spotlight catalogue. So, what do you need to start with dressmaking? Let's have a look at our comprehensive guide!

Which Sewing Machine Do I Need For Dressmaking?

The sewing machine is the cornerstone for your dressmaking craft. If you have an inferior sewing machine, the results you get are going to be affected in a major way. So, how do you choose the best sewing machine for dressmaking.

There are a couple of properties you need to look at to ensure you have the right sewing machine. While digital sewing machines are always the best option, as they provide a lot more functions, they can be a lot more expensive too. Fortunately, even basic electronic sewing machines provide plenty of features these days.

Some features are more important than others. If you want the most efficient machine, these are some of the options to look out for.

One-step buttonhole: With this feature on a sewing machine, you can easily place the buttonholes on your garments in minimal time. As the name indicates, creating a buttonhole only requires one easy step.

The freearm: Some sewing tasks can be incredibly precise, and you may even need to sew in a circular fashion. The freearm enables you to do this without any restrictions.

Adjustable needle positions: Being able to adjust the position of your sewing needle proves useful for a million different projects. Much like the freearm, it enables you to tackle more delicate tasks with greater ease.

Different stitches: Some digital sewing machines come with dozens of different stitches, which can be interesting for more advanced crafters. However, if you do not have the budget for one of the more advanced machines, we suggest getting a machine with the basic utility stitches. These utility stitches include the straight stitch, zigzag, buttonhole stitch and the reverse stitch.

What Measuring Tools Do I Need For Dressmaking?

Most crafters believe they only require a measuring tape for their dressmaking efforts. While a good measuring tape will get you quite far, it will not provide full support for certain dressmaking tasks. For example, a measuring tape enables you to get the right measurements of your model, but also allows to measure possible alterations.

Of course, there are other tasks you will need other measuring tools for - this includes a good ruler. A prime example is fabric measuring and cutting. Measuring tape can be less accurate when used on a flat surface, as there can be bends or bumps that cause your measurements to be a couple of centimetres off. So, make sure you have the right tools to cut your fabrics accurately.

What Other Tools Do I Need?

A sewing machine and a good measuring tape are the basics, but you also need other tools to make your dressmaking experience that more efficient. Here are some of the must-haves before you start with dressmaking.

Fabric scissors: You should always have a good pair of fabric scissors to cut your fabric. Fabric scissors protect the fabric against unravelling and ensure a more even cut. In turn, this can make fabric cutting more accurate and could save you lots of money in the long run.

Chalk: There will always be a need to mark certain things on your fabric - this could be an alteration or even a line where you need to cut fabric. Evidently, you cannot make these markings with a permanent marker. Instead, you can use some chalk. Once you have made the garment, simply wash the fabric to remove the chalk mark.

Regular scissors: Pattern cutting is also a part of dressmaking, so you must have a pair of regular scissors, also known as paper scissors. Like fabric scissors, you should only use your paper scissors to cut paper and fabric scissors should only be used for fabrics. Using your scissors for something else will cause your scissors to become blunt very quickly.

In addition to paper scissors and fabric scissors, a pair of embroidery scissors can be very useful to cut thread as well. Having these specialist scissors can increase the lifespan of each pair of scissors in your collection.

Check Out The Sewing Supplies Currently Available At Spotlight

Spotlight has an extensive collection of sewing supplies, each available at a sharp price. At Spotlight, you can find a marvellous collection of sewing machines - these range from embroidery sewing machines to quilting machines and regular sewing machines. We also provide specialist accessories such as magnifying lights, which will make it easier to execute those delicate tasks. Check out our collection right now and benefit from some great deals on sewing supplies.



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