Sewing Machines

Sewing Machines

At Spotlight, we have sewing machines for everyone, regardless of your skill, the amount of sewing you have to do or your budget. Before investing in a sewing machine, it is wise to decide what your main requirements for the machine are.

Will you be sewing large quantities of heavy-duty upholstery fabric or canvas, or embroidering delicate patterns on baby clothes? Will you need many fancy stitches driven by a computerised programme or a reliable, easy to use work-horse?

With sewing machines from many well-known and trusted brands at great prices, choose your sewing machine at Spotlight and get ready for your next sewing project.

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  • Brother SL500 Sewing Machine

    Brother SL500 Sewing Machine

    You can put your trust in this easy to use sewing machine that is built around the values that you know and expect from a Brother SL500 Sewing Machine.

    Reg: $549.00

  • Brother SL300 Sewing Machine

    Brother SL300 Sewing Machine

    You can put your trust in this easy to use sewing machine that is built around the values that you know and expect from a Brother SL300 Sewing Machine.

    Reg: $399.00

  • Brother SL100 Sewing Machine

    Brother SL100 Sewing Machine

    You can put your trust in this easy to use sewing machine that is built around the values that you know and expect from a Brother SL100 Sewing Machine.

    Reg: $299.00

  • Elna 40 Sewing Machine

    Elna 40 Sewing Machine

    The Elna 40 sewing machine is a machine with plenty of functions to help tackle your latest sewing projects. The built in needle threader lets you get started right away, as does the simple start/stop button. This machine features a wide range of stitching styles to choose from, letting you select t...

    Reg: $549.00

  • Elna 1000 Sewing Machine

    Elna 1000 Sewing Machine

    This user-friendly machine is perfect for your basic sewing needs. The fourteen stitch options offer a simple selection of styles, and the four-step buttonhole function lets you create garments with ease. This uncomplicated machine is perfect for beginners, or those who just require elementary use f...

    Reg: $249.00

  • Elina 21 Sewing Machine

    Elina 21 Sewing Machine

    This sensational sewing machine is easy to use as well as highly versatile. Featuring fifty-eight stitch functions and snap-on feet for quick changes, this hardy machine is a staple for any sewing room. Tough enough to sew denim, this machine is built around a die-cast metal frame and includes a bui...

    Reg: $249.00

  • Brother GS2510 Sewing Machine

    Brother GS2510 Sewing Machine

    This fantastic sewing machine is perfect for the occasional user, or people who just want to keep their sewing simple. The GS2510 has a durable, metal chassis for durability. This machine also doesn't need to be oiled, nor does it have loads of confusing settings. It has twenty five different stitch...

    Reg: $349.00

  • Brother GS3710 Sewing Machine

    Brother GS3710 Sewing Machine

    With thirty seven stitching styles to choose from, this durable sewing machine is ideal for a variety of sewing tasks including dressmaking, repairs and home furnishing. Capable of stress stitches, overcasting and hemming, this machine features an automatic needle threader to get you started right a...

    Reg: $349.00

  •   Husqvarna Viking H Class E10 Sewing Machine

    Husqvarna Viking H Class E10 Sewing Machine

    The best part about the HUSQVARNA VIKING H-CLASS E10 sewing machine is it's easy-to-use and comes with a variety of features and accessories to get you started. The stitch selection ensures you'll be able to express your creativity whether it's creating clothes, home decor, or gifts for friends and ...

    Reg: $299.00

    VIP: $199.00

  • Singer 3210 Sewing Machine

    Singer 3210 Sewing Machine

    Featuring 23 built in stitches and easy stitch selection, as well as easy threading and a 4-step buttonhole, this sewing machine is perfect for novice sewing projects. The free arm means you can easily sew cuffs, collars and other tricky items, while the extra-high presser foot lever lets you work o...

    Reg: $329.00

  • Singer Brilliance 6160 Sewing Machine

    Singer Brilliance 6160 Sewing Machine

    The Singer Brilliance 6160 Sewing Machine has plenty of functions to make your next sewing project a breeze. This machine includes 60 built-in stitches with touch button stitch selection, 4 fully automatic and precisely balanced 1-step buttonholes, optimal pre-set stitch settings, automatic needle t...

    Reg: $699.00

  •   Liberty Sewing Machine

    Liberty Sewing Machine

    Reliable and intelligent, the Liberty Sewing Machine will help add a professional touch to your sewing creations, offering precision with every use. Featuring built-in stitches, superior stitch speed and intuitive interface, ideal for garment creation and quilting. This feature-rich sewing machine i...

    Was: $499.00

    Now: $149.00

    Rate this product: (9)

  • Pfaff Smart 140S Sewing Machine

    Pfaff Smart 140S Sewing Machine

    Whatever your passion is, fashion or home decoration, this Pfaff Smart 140S Sewing Machine has what you need to express it. Let's begin a sewing adventure focused on you: Your uniqueness. Your passion. Your sewing.

    Reg: $399.00

  •   Semco Indigo 6 MA10A Sewing Machine

    Semco Indigo 6 MA10A Sewing Machine

    This Semco Indigo 6 MA10A Sewing Machine is well suited to be your sewing mate! Easy to use and convenient settings, you will be sewing in no time.

    Reg: $199.00

    VIP: $99.00

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  • Brother GS2700 Sewing Machine

    Brother GS2700 Sewing Machine

    The Brother GS2700 is perfect for those who want to keep things simple. With a robust, metal chassis, these machines are designed to last. This machine features twenty seven stitch styles to choose from, and a one-step automatic buttonhole function. Finally, this machine includes a top-load bobbin, ...

    Reg: $349.00

  •   Singer 4423 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine

    Singer 4423 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine

    The Singer 4423 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine has an extra high sewing speed of 1,100 Stitches per minute. It has a heavy duty metal frame, stainless steel bed plate, top drop in bobbin, 23 Stitches, 1-Step buttonhole, adjustable stitch width & length, auto needle threader and an LED light.

    Reg: $599.00

    VIP: $299.00

  • Brother JS1700 Sewing Machine

    Brother JS1700 Sewing Machine

    The easy to use JS1700 is perfect for sewing and mending. Features include, 17 built-in stitches, 4-step buttonhole and auto set stitch length and width. The free arm sewing surface is easily convertible from traditional flatbed to free arm for sewing cuffs and sleeves. It also features LED lighting...

    Reg: $269.00

  •   Singer Heritage Sewing Machine

    Singer Heritage Sewing Machine

    The Singer Heritage Sewing Machine is a modern electronic sewing machine that is traditional and classic in design, setting it apart from the rest. This electronic sewing machine features the SwiftSmart threading system with a one-touch automatic needle threader and a sew bobbin drop system with a t...

    Reg: $699.00

    VIP: $349.00

  • PFAFF 160 Smart Sewing Machine

    PFAFF 160 Smart Sewing Machine

    Express your sewing creativity with the intuitive PFAFF 160 Smart Sewing Machine! This top-loaded sewing machine features an integrated needle threader, original presser foot system, LED light, optimal feeding and a variety of stitches that include utility, decorative and stretch stitches. Ideal for...

    Reg: $499.00

  • Singer 6660 Starlet Computerised Sewing Machine

    Singer 6660 Starlet Computerised Sewing Machine

    The Singer 6660 Starlet Computerised Sewing Machine is intuitive and easy to use, a versatile sewing machine that will cater to your sewing needs. From home decor projects to advanced garment creations, this sewing machine features an automatic needle threader, customisable stitch settings, 60 built...

    Reg: $699.00

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Can I purchase sewing machines at Spotlight?

Yes, you can. With a range of sewing machines from various well-known manufacturers, Spotlight offers you a great choice when it comes to sewing machines. Choose from machines with a range of different features, suitable for everyone from beginners to experienced sewing enthusiasts, and find the right sewing machine for your needs and at a budget you are comfortable with.

Which is the right sewing machine for me?

To choose the right sewing machine, it is important to know what you intend to use it for, and how often it is likely to be used. If you just want to be able to make some repairs and sew occasionally, a fairly basic model will suit you. For sewing larger quantities, a more robust model will be needed, while sewing thicker fabrics such as upholstery fabrics or large quilted projects will need a machine capable of tackling those jobs. Some sewing machines offer computerised stitches, which can be useful if you intend to do intricate embroidery or repeat designs.

What are the main features to check on when buying a sewing machine?

Here are some of the features that every good sewing machine should be able to offer:

Basic stitches: Every sewing machine should be capable of offering you a straight stitch, a zig-zag stitch, and a backstitching option. If you want a little more choice, a stretch stitch and a blind hem stitch are both useful features, and for some people, one-step buttonhole stitches are important too.

Several different sewing feet: Make sure your sewing machine has feet for normal stitching, delicate fabrics, and inserting zippers as basics. Other feet will help you to create blind hems or buttonholes, and there are a variety of fancy feet for specialist jobs too.

Easy thread-winding action: Most modern sewing machines make it much easier for you to thread your bobbins and get sewing quickly, but check online for reviews if you want to be sure what your chosen model offers. Self-threading needles are a godsend when your eyesight is not what it was!

Weight: Depending on when and where you are planning to sew, the weight of your machine may be an issue. If you intend to take your sewing machine to regular classes, for instance, those extra kilos can be annoying during transport!

Free arm: most modern sewing machines offer this option as they are portable and not built-in like the machines of old. A free arm allows the sewer easier access for small area such as collars, cuffs, and corners. Most machines have a platform-like attachment that can be fitted around the free arm to give you more surface space for larger projects.

What else should I keep in mind when choosing a sewing machine?

Most sewing machines can deal with slightly thicker fabrics, such as jeans material, calico or canvas. Simply by using a heavy-duty needle, but if you are planning to sew thick fabrics on a regular basis or want to use your sewing machine for interior design projects such as blinds and curtains, a heavy-duty sewing machine will be worth the investment.

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