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If you need a sturdy sewing table to house your sewing machine and accessories then make sure you browse our range at Spotlight. From fold down and easy to store tables to extension additions we have a range for everyone's needs.

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How To Get The Most From Your Sewing Room?

Using your sewing room to its maximum potential can be challenging, especially if you have a lot of supplies laying around. Of course, there are some ways to maximise the space you have and keep your essential sewing tools accessible.

At Spotlight, we provide countless storage solutions and sewing furniture for crafters. Take a look at our useful guide below to learn how you can use our storage solutions to get the most from your crafting room.

Is Sewing Furniture A Solution For Me?

Experienced crafters could benefit from having some dedicated furniture for their craft. If you sew regularly, then some sewing furniture could prove extremely beneficial. Sewing furniture for example, is made specifically to provide functional yet accessible storage for crafters who sew regularly. So, if you have accumulated quite the collection, they are certainly a worthy investment.

How Should I Organise The Room?

Before you start looking at the individual storage solutions available to you, it can be a good idea to determine how you will organise the room. For example, will you have a dedicated cutting table? Where do you intend to store cutting tools? Will you buy a sewing table? These are all questions that can help you determine the space you need and the storage solutions you should be looking out for.

Should I Use Mounted Organisers?

One of the ways to keep the smaller essentials on hand, without compromising too much on available space, is using a mounted organiser. You can use a metal or wooden bar, which you mount on the wall. Then, you can hang small items such as scissors, rulers, pencils, and even rotary cutters on dedicated trays on the bar.

If you do have the space available, there is plenty of sewing furniture that provides dedicated compartments for your essentials. Keeping your essentials inside the furniture will make your room look cleaner and more organised, while everything remains accessible to you.

What Is The Best Way To Keep My Patterns Organised?

There are many ways to keep your patterns organised. Using binders is still one of the best ways. You can easily keep your patterns in a plastic cover and put it into a binder, protecting it against damage. Of course, you can use a hole punch as well and put your patterns into the binder.

Crafters who have a lot of patterns will need to determine a system, especially if they want to keep all the patterns they have obtained over the years. You can colour code your binders, or if you have a lot of patterns you can also use individual binders or folders.

Some crafters prefer to upload their patterns to a computer, although this is not always straightforward, especially when it comes to measurements and sizes on a printout. Therefore, keeping the original or a trace will always be the best option.

How To Store Fabric Effectively?

Experienced crafters have undoubtedly come up with some original ways to keep their fabrics organised. However, there is one consistent problem that plagues them: when there is lots of fabric, it is difficult to know what you have.

When organising your fabrics, it is best to look for storage that can display the fabric you have. If you are one of the lucky ones and have a fabric wardrobe at your disposal, you can simply display your fabric and drape it over a hanger.

But what do you do with the smaller pieces of fabric? And what if you do not have the room for a fabric wardrobe? If this is the case, you can use a unique folding method that allows your fabric to stand upright. By doing so, you can organise all your fabric in a drawer or a box, but you will have an overview of all your fabrics since they do not overlap.

What Storage Solutions Can I Obtain From Spotlight?

Spotlight provides sewing craft solutions for all budgets. We can provide crafting furniture, but also crafting solutions such as multi-compartment storage boxes, baskets, over the door hooks, shelf organisers, and much more. So, if you want to organise your sewing room, be sure to look at the available options at Spotlight and benefit from our great prices!



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