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Whether you need a place for quilting or sewing, hobby table will be a comfort spot for you to focus. Explore our hobby craft tables at Spotlight.

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How To Organise Your Hobby Room? Discover Our Hobby Craft Tables And Other Helpful Tips!

It is fun to have a hobby, something you can lose yourself in for hours on end. Of course, it can also become a little stressful when your hobby room is a little disorganised. Fortunately, Spotlight has the solution for you with our range of hobby craft tables and countless storage solution.

Are you considering giving your hobby room a bit of an upgrade? Check out our tables, but do not forget to look at our tips below, which are bound to help you in keeping your hobby room organised.

Where Do I Store All My Tape?

One of the things you can use a lot of during crafting projects is tape. Whether it is hem tape or simply clear tape to keep certain things in to place, all those tape rolls quickly become a nuisance where the organisation of your hobby room is concerned.

While you can store your tape in one of the drawers or cupboards in your hobby room, there are some fun and creative ways to approach this problem as well. One of our favourites is getting a bracelet holder, paint it in your favourite colour, and hang all the tape rolls on it. That way, not only will it spruce up your hobby room, the tape is easy to get to.

How Do I Store Ribbons?

Whether you are wrapping presents or making something that requires an additional ribbon on top, you are bound to have a bunch of ribbons laying around in your hobby room. While you can easily store such things in a drawer or a cupboard, most crafters want their ribbons to be easily accessible.

If you do not want to invest in an entire rack for the craft ribbons you obtain from Spotlight, you can use a simple solution that involves a shoe box and a utility knife. Simply draw some circles on the exterior of the shoe box and cut them out with the utility knife. When you are done, put the ribbon in the shoe box and feed the ribbon through the circular hole. This way, you have a tidy way of storing your ribbon, while keeping it close at hand.

Should I Put In More Shelves And Cupboards?

Shelves and cupboards can certainly help to keep things tidy and organised in your hobby room. Of course, it does depend on the amount of space you have available. For example, if you do not have a hobby room but just a corner in the living room, there will be less space to take advantage of.

Of course, a crafting table from Spotlight could provide a solution for anyone who is a little shorter on space. It allows you to store your essentials in one space, but also gives you the room for your crafting projects.

If you do have the room for some extra shelves and cupboards, be sure to put some in. Of course, it helps greatly to determine what you will be storing before you obtain any additional furniture. Ensure that the drawers, cupboards, or shelves you install provide the adequate amount of space for your supplies.

What Are The Best Storage Solutions For My Hobby Room?

When you are into crafting, you will encounter a bunch of storage solutions that will become your new best friend. Below, we have listed some of the most important ones, which you can also obtain from Spotlight for a very reasonable price.

One of our personal favourites for craft storage is the multi-compartment box. Multi-compartment boxes are great to store smaller items that would otherwise get lost among other items in a drawer. Items that are stored perfectly in these compartments include used thread, elastic bands, pins, beads, safety pins, fabric samples, and all other small supplies you can never find a place for.

A mobile storage unit could be useful too, especially when you run around a lot while exercising your craft. Compare it to one of those tool units used by hairdressers, which simply rolls over the floor and can be moved as required. Naturally, this kind of system proves especially useful for your crafting room too!



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