Sewing can be a very delicate thing, so you might need a magnifier for your sewing machine. With one of our sewing machine magnifiers, you can easily complete any fine stitching. Pick your favourite magnifier from our range and see the change in your work!

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Discover Some Essential Tools For Your Sewing Projects At Spotlight!

Since there are a lot of things you can make through sewing, it is only natural that you will encounter a lot of essential supplies to add to your collection. If you are just starting out with sewing, all these supplies can appear a little overwhelming. To help you get started, we have created an overview of some essentials you will need for your sewing projects.

What Is A Magnifier And What Is It Used For?

A sewing magnifier enables you to view your work in a little more detail. While the magnifier is not always used for sewing projects for beginners, it is often required for advanced sewers who are working with more delicate stitching and materials.

Magnifiers come in all shapes and sizes, making them suitable for use with your sewing machine. There is the basic range, which is compatible with most working surfaces and machines. You also have an advanced range, which includes additional features such as additional illumination.

What Are Fabric Scissors And What Are They Used For?

Cutting fabric can be a delicate process, especially if you are working with more expensive materials. Because of the nature of fabric, it is essential to get yourself a pair of fabric scissors.

Fabric scissors are specifically designed to cut through fabric, this means they will not break the edges of the material as you go along. However, fabric scissors can get damaged when cutting other things, for example, paper. So, if you have a pair of fabric scissors, make sure you only use them for their intended purpose.

In addition to fabric scissors, you could also obtain a rotary cutter. Some crafters find it easier to cut their fabric with a dedicated rotary cutter, since it allows for a little more finesse and control for some projects. Of course, every crafter has his or her own preferential cutting tool.

What Is A Seam Ripper And What Are They Used For?

A lot of beginners often do not obtain a seam ripper, often because they mistakenly believe they won't need one. Nothing is further from the truth though, as beginners often get the most benefit from a tool such as the seam ripper.

As the name of the tool suggests, a seam ripper removes the seams from your sewing project in a quick and effective manner. It is used when you have made a mistake and want to redo a section. Of course, the effectiveness of a seam ripper is subject to the material. For example, if you use silk, removing the seams will be quite noticeable on the fabric. Therefore, use a combination of cotton blend fabric and a seam ripper for your first projects.

What Are Sewing Pins And What Are They Used For?

When you are starting on your first crafting project, it can be difficult to get an overview of the things you need to sew. It can also be difficult to see the end result of your intended project, and this is where sewing pins come in.

Sewing pins can be used for many different things. While you are sewing, they can be used to keep certain parts of your garment in place. They are also used to pin the garment pieces to a mannequin, allowing you to evaluate your work as you go along and make alterations when needed.

What Are Sewing Machine Needles And What Are They Used For?

Crafters will use sewing machine needles in their sewing machine, as the name suggest. However, not everyone understands why a beginner should obtain more than the sewing needles their sewing machine comes with.

Over time, your sewing machine needles can become dull, this means they also become less effective. Sewing needles might need replacing during your projects as well, especially if you are working with extremely thick or thin fabrics. Therefore, it is advised to have a variety of needles in your personal collection.

What Essential Sewing Supplies Does Spotlight Offer?

Spotlight provides crafters with all the essentials they need for their sewing projects, this includes anything from thread and scissors to sewing machines and sewing patterns. Check out our catalogue today to discover what we have to offer!



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