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Can I purchase quilting supplies at Spotlight?

Yes, you can. Spotlight stocks a vast range of quilting fabrics, both by the metre and pre-cut into fat flats, as well as all the tools, equipment, accessories and essentials you may need to complete your quilting project. We even have books about quilting, full of inspirational photos and handy tips for perfect results. For beginners, we also stock convenient kits with all the most important tools and accessories to make a start on your first quilted item.

What type of fabric do I need for quilting?

Traditionally, quilting fabrics have mainly been made from cotton. Quilter's weight cotton is high quality 100% cotton fabric that is perfectly suited for quilting. Depending on your item, you may want to use some other fabrics too, but important is to keep the weight or thickness of various fabrics the same and to avoid fabrics that are slippery, stretch or fray. Most people prefer to pre-wash fabrics before quilting, in case of shrinkage or bleeding of colours.

What else should I keep in mind when quilting?

Select fabrics that complement each other rather than clash. For example, if you choose a large-scale floral fabric as the focal point of your quilt, you should complement it with two or three smaller print fabrics that don't compete for visual attention with the large print, and maybe some plain fabrics that come back in the main floral pattern.

Vary large and small-scale designs, as this creates interest and stops the end product looking too bland. Always hold your fabrics up together before starting on your project, to see if they blend visually, unless you are working from an established pattern.

If you are making a blanket, quilt or rug, give some thought to the border of your quilted item. Plain blocks may be offset beautifully by a floral or checked border, but if your quilt is colourful and busy, you may prefer to go for a simple, one colour border.

Does Spotlight sell wadding and backing fabrics too?

Yes, you will find a large variety of wadding, batting, fuse tape, backing fabrics and more here at Spotlight. Keep in mind that your backing fabric may also need to be pre-washed if you don't want the quilt to start pulling after the first wash.

What else do you recommend from this range?

Depending on your level of skill and the design of your object, you may want to try our range of quilt cutters, which enable you to cut through several layers of fabric at once. It is important to make sure your cutting blade is sharp, so replace it regularly if you do a lot of quilting. Always cut on a quilting mat to keep your work surfaces protected. Some quilting mats have handy rulers to keep your edges straight, while there are a number of dies and cutters that will deal with more intricate shapes. Long pins make it easier to keep your work together once you have added the in-between layers, or you can tape sections together with iron-on tape if you prefer.



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