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Quilting Tools & Accessories & Templates

Quilting Tools, Accessories & Templates

Browse our range of quilting tools, accessories and templates for all those extra tools and gadgets that will help you to create perfectly quilted objects with ease.

Here you will find fuse tape and sheets, long pins, quilting needles, special pens with washable ink to mark your work, and items such as finger grips, thimbles and clips.

With our tagger gun, even large quilting projects can be completed easily and accurately. Check out the whole range of quilting tools, fabrics, wadding, batting and backing fabrics here at Spotlight, as well as our books with hundreds of inspiring pictures and quilting projects.

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Can I purchase quilting tools at Spotlight?

Yes, you can. Spotlight has everything you need for quilting everything from a simple block design quilt to an intricate pattern of shapes and embellishments. When first starting out on quilting projects, the choice of quilting tools can seem quite bewildering, but you will soon learn what the basic tools are that can help you to achieve great results, and which tools are suited for special projects.

What are the basic tools I will need for quilting?

Here is our guide to some of the basic tools you will find useful when quilting:

Rotary Cutter: Learning to sue a rotary cutter is essential if you want to speed up your cutting, as it allows you to cut through various layers at once and get accurate results. When choosing a rotary cutter, think about what you will be cutting. A 60-mm blade is great for thick fabric, while a slender 28-mm blade makes cutting intricate patterns easy. A 45-mm blade is good for all-round versatility. Always buy a rotary cutter from a well-known manufacturer and make sure you keep the blade as sharp as possible. At Spotlight, you can also find replacement blades for many rotary cutters. Always keep cutters away from kids.

Cutting mat: Cutting mats protect the surface you cut on and the material they're made of keeps the cutter blade sharp. For home sewing, buy a 24" x 36" mat if possible, and if you have space remember that larger mats are a great choice. If you are travelling to quilting classes, you may want to choose a smaller mat.

Ruler: A transparent rule provides continuous accuracy that is necessary for measuring and cutting perfect squares, strips, triangles, or any shape for your quilt. Some rulers have highlighted seam allowances, which can be useful, as well as clearly defined angle lines marked at30°, 45° and 60°, ideal for triangles, stars and other intricate shapes.

Sewing machine: Unless you plan to hand sew your quilt, you will need a sewing machine. It does not have to be an expensive machine with many unusual stitches as most of your sewing will be a straight stitch. A machine that helps you easily sew a 1/4" seam allowance, the quilting standard, and that accepts a walking foot -- for straight machine quilting -- is an advantage.

What else is included in the range of Quilting Tools?

As well as the items mentioned above, the range of quilting tools at Spotlight also includes many other useful tools and accessories, such as dies and templates in intricate shapes, as well as many useful basic items including extra-long pins (ideal for pinning several layers of fabric together), seam rippers, holding clips and even a tagger gun for gluing fabrics together.

As you progress in your quilting, you can add all these items and more to your collection. An iron and ironing board will also be essential, to make sure you achieve professional looking results. Check out the whole range of quilting products and fabrics at Spotlight or be inspired by our gorgeous collection of patterns and projects in our quilting books.

Can I purchase quilting tools, accessories and templates at Spotlight?

Yes, you can. Browse this range to find fuse tape and sheets, long pins, quilting needles, special pens with washable ink to mark your work, and items such as finger grips, thimbles and clips. Also included are pre-cut shapes including hexagons and diamonds, and pretty sew-in labels to add the finishing touch to your quilted creations.

Why do some quilters wear gloves when quilting?

Quilting gloves are particularly popular with many machine quilters, and here is why:

1. They reduce pain and fatigue in your hands. Quilting involves a lot of pulling and tugging but when wearing the gloves, they take off much of the added stress and pressure on your fingertips.
2. You can get a better grip on the material. At the tip of each finger of your quilting gloves you will find some padding that creates friction between your fingers and your quilt, allowing the quilt to move around much more easily.
3. They help to keep you quilt (and your hands) clean. Even if you wash your hands regularly, light coloured materials can get grubby quickly. Quilting gloves are washable, so simply wash on a delicate setting and they will be good for another project.

If you can’t get used to wearing quilting gloves, Spotlight also stocks packets of finger grips – a sort of rubber thimble- which will help you get a better grip on the material too.

What are binding clips?

Binding clips are great for those occasions when you have to clip several layers together, something that is hard to do using ordinary sewing pins. Ideal for adding quilt bindings to a project, or when making bags or other items that involve multiple layers of fabric. It’s just like having an extra pair of hands!

Do I need to use special quilting needles?

If you are going to be doing a lot of quilting, you will find using quilting needles make the work more enjoyable and easier on your fingers, too. Quilting needles tend to be very sharp – they have to go through several layers of fabric and wadding, so they need to be – and you should never work with a blunt needle as this can create snags in your fabric. Keep in mind that in quilting needles, the larger the number, the smaller the size of the needle. Sizes tend to range from 3 – 12.

What is the Mini Iron used for?

If you are using a lot of intricate shapes in your quilted project (for instance hexagons, diamonds or triangles, the mini iron will help you create crisp corners and sharp seams. Specially designed for craft use, the small blade will get into even the sharpest corners and you can plug it in and rest it on its stand between applications, so it is always to hand as you work on your project.

Why does the range include numbered pins?

Numbered pins are a great way to keep track of your quilted project. Once you have laid out your colours to your satisfaction, simply pin all the shapes for one row together with a numbered pin. That way, even if you have to interrupt your quilting and come back at a later stage, you will quickly know which row of pieces to work on next, and the finished result will be as you intended it to be.

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