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Quilting Mats & Rulers

Quilting Mats & Rulers

Quilting projects require precision cutting to achieve a professional finish, so equip yourself with some of the quilting mats and rulers available here at Spotlight to take the hard work out of making your quilted creations.

Cutting mats make sure your pieces of fabric are all equal, and at the same time help protect your work surfaces from the sharp cutting tools required for quilting.

Special rulers and templates will assist you if your quilting includes intricate shapes too, and there are handy travel-size options for when you want to take your work away with you.

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Can I purchase quilting tools at Spotlight?

Yes, you can. Spotlight has everything you need for quilting everything from a simple block design quilt to an intricate pattern of shapes and embellishments. When first starting out on quilting projects, the choice of quilting tools can seem quite bewildering, but you will soon learn what the basic tools are that can help you to achieve great results, and which tools are suited for special projects.

What are the basic tools I will need for quilting?

Here is our guide to some of the basic tools you will find useful when quilting:

Rotary Cutter: Learning to sue a rotary cutter is essential if you want to speed up your cutting, as it allows you to cut through various layers at once and get accurate results. When choosing a rotary cutter, think about what you will be cutting. A 60-mm blade is great for thick fabric, while a slender 28-mm blade makes cutting intricate patterns easy. A 45-mm blade is good for all-round versatility. Always buy a rotary cutter from a well-known manufacturer and make sure you keep the blade as sharp as possible. At Spotlight, you can also find replacement blades for many rotary cutters. Always keep cutters away from kids.

Cutting mat: Cutting mats protect the surface you cut on and the material they're made of keeps the cutter blade sharp. For home sewing, buy a 24" x 36" mat if possible, and if you have space remember that larger mats are a great choice. If you are travelling to quilting classes, you may want to choose a smaller mat.

Ruler: A transparent rule provides continuous accuracy that is necessary for measuring and cutting perfect squares, strips, triangles, or any shape for your quilt. Some rulers have highlighted seam allowances, which can be useful, as well as clearly defined angle lines marked at30°, 45° and 60°, ideal for triangles, stars and other intricate shapes.

Sewing machine: Unless you plan to hand sew your quilt, you will need a sewing machine. It does not have to be an expensive machine with many unusual stitches as most of your sewing will be a straight stitch. A machine that helps you easily sew a 1/4" seam allowance, the quilting standard, and that accepts a walking foot -- for straight machine quilting -- is an advantage.

What else is included in the range of Quilting Tools?

As well as the items mentioned above, the range of quilting tools at Spotlight also includes many other useful tools and accessories, such as dies and templates in intricate shapes, as well as many useful basic items including extra-long pins (ideal for pinning several layers of fabric together), seam rippers, holding clips and even a tagger gun for gluing fabrics together.

As you progress in your quilting, you can add all these items and more to your collection. An iron and ironing board will also be essential, to make sure you achieve professional looking results. Check out the whole range of quilting products and fabrics at Spotlight or be inspired by our gorgeous collection of patterns and projects in our quilting books.

What are the essential quilting items?

Obviously when you start your first quilting project you will need fabric, and if you are a beginner then a pattern is also a good idea. Spotlight have quilting books with design ideas and patterns to help get you started.

Spotlight also sell many different quilting fabrics in fat flat or fat quarter bundles, as well as jelly rolls and charm packs – all pre-cut and designed to make your quilting project quicker and easier.

Aside from the obvious, it is also necessary to use a quilting mat, quilting cutting tools and a quilting ruler to ensure that you execute your project with the necessary precision to ensure a perfect result.

Why do I need a quilting mat?

Quilting mats are really an essential item because they protect your work surfaces from the extremely sharp cutting blades used to cut fabric. Using a good quality quilting mat can also extend the life of your cutting blade.

Choosing the size of your cutting mat is a personal choice, but generally a larger mat is better than a smaller one, except if you are taking your quilting project out and about with you, in which case a smaller mat may suffice.

Spotlight have quilting mats from several top brands such as Fiskars’ double-sided cutting mat in three sizes - 12 x 18 inches, 18 x 24 inches and 24 x 36 inches. This mat is made from 100% polypropylene material which is resilient and durable.

Another popular quilting brand, Birch, make easy to use, double-sided, acrylic quilting mats in small and large sizes with marked measurements to make all your cutting jobs easier. Olfa have a self-healing, professional quilting mat specially designed for use with the Olfa Rotary Cutters. Remember, you should always store your quilting mats away from direct sunlight and lay them flat when not in use.

What are the important features of quilting rulers?

Quilting is a craft that requires accuracy and precision. A quilting ruler is another item necessary to help you achieve accurate measurements and precise cutting lines so that your quilt has a highly professional finish.

Spotlight stock top quality quilting brands so you can be assured that your quilting ruler will be hard-wearing and long-lasting and have clear and easily read, marked measurements.

Quilting rulers can help you with cutting unusual shapes and in fact they come in different sizes and shapes themselves. The Birch Imperial Quilt Ruler is a rectangular 6 x 12 inches and the Birch Quilting Angle Ruler has two direction bias lines at 30, 45 and 60 degrees. To ensure a closer degree of accuracy this ruler also has 1/8th inch markings and is suitable for right handed and left handed quilters to use.

Sew Easy’s 24 x 6.5 inch Imperial Patchwork Ruler is made from durable acrylic material and has a smooth finish to help with precise cutting edges. It has a two-toned, coloured grid against a clear background for highly visible measurements.

Investing in good quality quilting essentials from Spotlight’s comprehensive range will get your quilting hobby off to a great start.

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