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The Best Quilting Fabrics for Households with Pets? Discover Our Suggestions!

Fabric and pets do not always work together. If you love your quilting projects, but have some pets in the home, it is vital to choose the right type of fabric. Curious which fabrics are best for households with pets? Find out by reading the suggestions from the Spotlight team below.

Is a Quilting Fabric Made from Synthetic Fibres Good for a Household with Pets?

When it comes to quilting fabrics for homes with pets, fabrics made from synthetic fibres are usually the best choice. There are various synthetic fibres to choose from - this includes options such as Ultrasuede and microfibre.

Synthetic fabric comes with a series of benefits too. Firstly, since the fabric consists of a manmade fibre, it can come in various designs and colours. When you encounter some of the bolder fabrics with unusual designs, it is likely they will be made from a synthetic fibre.

Fabrics made from synthetic fibres are also easier to clean than most fabrics. It is remarkably easy to remove pet hairs, but also stains and dirt. The only thing required to clean a synthetic fibre fabric is a sponge, water, and soap.

Even though synthetic fabrics are fantastic for households with pets, they are a little more difficult to work with than other fabrics when it comes to quilting. Synthetic fibres usually have a tighter weave, which makes sewing a little harder. Still, the tighter weave also means that the material is a lot more resistant to claw marks and scratch marks. The tight weave of a synthetic fabric also makes it more difficult for pet hairs and fur to get stuck in the fabric itself, so this weave could save a lot of maintenance.

Is a Quilting Fabric Made from Velvet Good for a Household with Pets?

Contrary to synthetic fabrics, a quilting fabric made from velvet is not recommended for households with pets. Even though the material is not the worst kind of fabric for homes with pets, the material lacks compared to synthetic fabric.

Velvet has some benefits, which could still make it a consideration for a household with pets. Firstly, velvet fabric is soft and durable, ensuring that your quilting projects can withstand common types of wear and tear. Most velvet fabrics have a dark colour too, which makes it easier to hide pet hairs, fur, and other things that are more obvious on a lighter material.

Despite the benefits, there is one big disadvantage that makes velvet fabric a poor choice for households with pets. The problem with velvet is that stain removal from the material is extremely difficult. So, if a stain occurs due to one of your pets, it might ruin your quilting project entirely.

Is Quilting Fabric Made from Wool Good for a Household with Pets?

Like velvet, wool is not a great material for quilting fabrics that will be used in a home with pets. Even though wool is a popular material for many other crafting applications, it is not a great choice for homes with pets.

One of the problems with wool is that it is not that strong. For a home with pets, you need a fabric that is strong and resistant to damage that could be caused by pets. Since wool is rather fragile, it is not the recommended choice for any quilted items that will be kept in an environment with pets.

Another problem with wool fabric for homes with pets is the cleaning process of wool. Unlike other materials such as synthetic fabric, wool is a lot harder to clean and to maintain. Therefore, it is once again not a great choice for quilting fabrics for households with pets.

What Other Fabrics Are Suitable for Homes with Pets?

There are many fabrics that can withstand homes with household pets, but not all of these materials are good quilting materials. In addition to synthetic fibres, other fabric fibres that are quite resistant to pet hair and damage include Crypton and leather.

Of course, you do have to consider if your project will come in contact with your pets. If you are making a blanket the cat is bound to perch on, then a pet-resistant fabric will be necessary. However, if you are creating some pot holders, the pet resistance of your fabric becomes a less important factor.

Where Can I Find Quilting Fabrics Suitable for My Pet-Friendly Projects?

At Spotlight, customers can find many fabrics that can be used for your pet-friendly quilting projects. To get more familiar with this range of fabrics, please head over to the quilting section on our website.

Do you have a question about pet-friendly quilting fabrics? Or do you need help choosing the right quilting fabric?Contact the Spotlight team today for some assistance.



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