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Get the Right Colour for Quilting Fabrics Used in the Nursery! Check Out Our Suggestions Today!

Doing some quilting for the nursery is always recommended, because you can make the nursery even more beautiful with these kinds of projects. Today, we will be discussing the most suitable fabric colours for nursery quilting in our collection, so be sure to read on if you still have to pick your fabric.

What Is the First Suggested Fabric Colour for the Nursery?

One of the fabric colours extremely suitable for the nursery is orange, which is also a colour many people do not even consider. However, orange is a colour that stands for warmth and comfort, so it is bound to have a positive effect on the baby.

There is a choice between bright orange and darker orange when it comes to your quilting fabrics, and possibly everything in between. Fortunately, both fabric colours are suitable for a nursery, but they will have a different effect.

Darker orange is a colour that will create a cosy atmosphere, so if you are looking to create a warm and inviting environment with your quilting projects, fabrics with a darker orange colour will be a good choice. However, if you want to make the nursery a little more modern, then a brighter orange fabric colour could be the better option.

What Is the Second Suggested Fabric Colour for the Nursery?

Another fabric colour you can consider is yellow, but it is a colour to be careful of in the nursery. Some shades of yellow are known to be too stimulating for babies, subsequently causing some irritation.

For quilting projects in the nursery, it is advised to stay away from brighter yellows. Instead, go for the subtler yellow colours, since these promote concentration and an overall feeling of wellbeing.

What Is the Third Suggested Fabric Colour for the Nursery?

If you believe that learning is one of the most important aspects of a child's life, then you might want to consider green as the fabric colour to use for nursery quilting projects. Green is a calming and nurturing colour, but has also shown to promote learning.

Quilters can use most green fabric colours for their quilting projects, although too many bold greens are not recommended. Even though you can incorporate bright greens as an accent in your projects, if most of the quilting project will consist of green, it is best to go for a subtler green to create a calming environment.

What Is the Fourth Suggested Fabric Colour for the Nursery?

Blue is a colour that is commonly associated with healing, so this is another suitable colour for nursery quilting fabrics. However, certain shades of blue are not recommended - this includes options such as grey-blue, which can induce emotions such as sadness when used in large quantities.

There are many shades of blue you can consider for the nursery though, more specifically all the warm and bright blues. Stay away from navy and the darker blues though, since this can create a less pleasant nursery environment.

What Is the Fifth Suggested Fabric Colour for the Nursery?

Do you want to create some quilted toys, accessories, or blankets that look incredibly luxurious and dignified? Then be sure to consider the colour purple for your quilting fabrics.

There is no real limitation when it comes to the shades of purple you can use for your nursery quilting projects. You could consider a jewel-toned purple, which simply radiates luxury. You could also choose a pastel colour, which works well in a nursery with pastel-coloured walls. Pastel purple is also quite calming, so often the preferred choice for all nursery quilting items.

What Is the Sixth Suggested Fabric Colour for the Nursery?

Our last suggested colour for nursery quilting fabrics is white, which is also the most common colour used in the nursery. White stands for pureness and cleanliness, creating a clean and pristine environment.

Of course, there are a couple of downsides to white. One of the main problems with this colour fabric is its proneness to stains. Therefore, it may not be that suitable for something that is likely to get stained, such as a bassinet blanket. However, you could use it for other accessories in the nursery.

Can I Get These Fabric Colours at Spotlight?

The fabric colours mentioned today are all available at Spotlight. Since we are Australia's leading supplier of fabrics, you can also find other colours and even printed fabrics for your nursery projects. Simply look at our collection to discover all available options.

Do you have a question about fabric colours for nursery quilting projects? Or do you need more information about any of the fabrics in our catalogue? For more information about nursery fabrics for your quilting projects, please do not hesitate tocontact the Spotlight team.



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