Check Out These Novelty Quilting Fabrics from Spotlight!

Once you get a little more experience with quilting, you undoubtedly want to try something different for your next project. One of the things you could add to your latest project is one of our novelty fabrics! Curious about our novelty fabrics and which of these fabrics we recommend? Check out the info below to find out.

What Is the First Novelty Quilting Fabric Available at Spotlight?

Our first recommended novelty fabric is suitable for projects related to kids, since the first suggestion from Spotlight is the Baby Jungle Panel.

The Baby Jungle Panel is one of our most creative fabrics, featuring various exotic animals on a stunning green and blue background. The fabric is also 100% cotton - this means it is suitable for the most durable projects where high quality is required.

What Is the Second Novelty Quilting Fabric Available at Spotlight?

Our second recommendation from our novelty quilting fabrics range is also a modern option, more specifically the Spots and Stripes Bunting Multicoloured Fabric! This fabric is a great choice for a quilt, but also to put some accents on a variety of other quilting projects.

The Spots and Stripes Bunting Multicoloured Fabric comes with a triangle design, with each triangle having its own unique pattern. These unique patterns can certainly prove useful for intricate projects, but are not that recommended for beginners, since this could make the project a little harder.

Looking for another option similar to the Spots and Stripes Bunting Multicoloured Fabric? Check out the Australiana Bunting, which provides the same triangle design, but with different patterns.

What Is the Third Novelty Quilting Fabric Available at Spotlight?

Florals are quite popular these days! Even though they were considered as a traditional fabric not too long ago, customers can now count on more novelty fabric options.

One of these floral novelty fabrics is the Small Poppies Fabric. The Small Poppies Fabric fill the fabric, which gives a wonderful fact close up and far away. So, if you like your quilting projects to have an extra dimension, we certainly suggest using our Small Poppies Fabric in your project.

Would you like a novelty poppy fabric for your quilting projects, but do you find the Small Poppies Fabric a little too busy? If so, you could still consider our Large Poppies Fabric. On our large poppies fabric, the poppies are larger and more spread, making the overall fabric a little less busy. The choice is yours!

What Is the Fourth Novelty Quilting Fabric Available at Spotlight?

If you are an animal lover as well as a quilting fanatic, then this recommendation from our range of novelty fabrics will be the choice for you! Elizabeth's Studio Adorable Pets Dog Printed Fabric is filled with adorable puppies, giving you the ultimate fabric for a novelty project.

Elizabeth's Studio Adorable Pets Dog Printed Fabric is also a high-quality fabric, since the fabric is made from 100% cotton fabric fibres. These fibres provide the fabric with incredible strength and durability, but also with some hypoallergenic qualities that may prove useful for certain projects.

Prefer cats over dogs? No problem, because this fabric also comes with an adorable cat print! Simply look for Elizabeth's Studio Adorable Pets Cat Hats Printed Fabric, or one of the other options in our catalogue.

What Is the Fifth Novelty Quilting Fabric Available at Spotlight?

Our fifth recommendation is one of the boldest fabrics in our collection, the In-Space Planets Printed Fabric. Our In-Space Planets Printed Fabric features countless planets set on a starry background.

Made in South Korea and containing 100% cotton fibres, the fabric is also counted amongst the high-quality options in our collection. If you use this fabric for your project, be sure to choose a high-quality cotton thread to match the quality of the fabric. Not only will this make your project look better, it will also make it more durable.

There are other printed fabrics in our novelty range that match the In-Space Planets Printed Fabric, so if you are looking for a blend or other fabrics that will work with this novelty option, be sure to check out the other options available at Spotlight.

Where Can I Find More Novelty Quilting Fabrics at Spotlight?

Spotlight provides an almost limitless number of novelty fabrics. These fabrics can come in a cotton material, but also the more unusual Batik fabric. So, if you are looking for novelty options for your quilting, you will undoubtedly find it in the Spotlight quilting collection.



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