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Quilting Modern & Retro

Quilting Modern & Retro

If you are searching for contemporary quilting fabrics that match your modern style or ones that have a retro feel, then you are certainly in the right place. At Spotlight, we are passionate about quilting and we have hundreds of different fabrics for you to choose from, including the delightful modern and retro options that you will find here. Stock up now for everything that you need for your quilting project.

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The Ultimate Guide to Modern Quilting Fabric

Even if you are an experienced quilter, it is not uncommon to need more information about modern quilting fabrics. There are so many different fabrics nowadays, it is hard to keep track! Fortunately, we have created this useful guide to modern quilting fabrics for all Australian quilters.

What Is Modern Quilting Fabric?

Modern quilting fabric is a term used to describe quilting fabric with a modern design. There are many designs that could be considered as modern nowadays; this includes bold colours, unique prints, contrasting colours, minimalist fabric, gridded designs, and more.

What Makes Modern Quilting Fabric Stand Out from Other Quilting Fabrics Today?

There are a couple of characteristics that enable you to distinguish between traditional and modern quilting fabric. The first is that most quilting fabric often has a unique pattern style. These patterns usually match current trends.

Most quilting patterns will have lots of clean lines, geometrics, and bold colours; this opposed to traditional quilting fabrics which tend to have more toned-down colours and patterns.

When in doubt about modern quilting fabric, simply look at a quilting fabric collection and find out what jumps out at you. The one that stands out the most is most likely a modern quilting fabric.

Some quilters state that modern quilting fabrics can also be recycled; this means that the fabric fibre is made from recycled materials. However, quilting fibres made from sustainable fabric fibres will still have a bold colour or pattern.

What Is Modern Quilting Fabric Used For?

Most quilters use modern quilting fabric for projects that need some life or refreshing. For example, if you find your quilting project a little too dark or lifeless, a modern quilting fabric will fix that problem for you immediately. Modern quilt fabric is also used to put an accent on a project.

Should I Start with Modern Quilting Fabric If I Am a Beginner?

We usually do not recommend modern quilting fabric for beginners; this because geometric designs and modern patterns can make your quilting project more difficult. There are some exceptions to the rule though, more specifically modern quilting fabrics that are made in a plain bold colour. However, these quilting fabrics are more difficult to find than the patterned options.

If you do have loads of experience with quilting, then you can certainly create some wonderful things with modern quilting fabric. Modern quilting fabrics can be used for quilted wall art, blankets, quilts, accessories, pillows, applique, and so much more. So, if you have the experience, be sure to check out some of the modern quilting fabric available at Spotlight.

What Is the Best Way to Get into Quilting If You Are a Beginner?

When you just start out with quilting, it is best to choose a small project to start with. Larger projects can be quite complex, and might put you off quilting since you cannot finish the project.

A great quilting project to start with is something such as a patchwork cushion cover. The project is not too large and fairly easy to finish. Once you have completed the cushion cover, you can move to something a little more complicated.

When choosing your fabrics for the patchwork cushion cover, make sure you do not choose fabrics that are complicated to work with. Choose square fabrics, or at least fabric with some straight lines. We do suggest stepping away from complicated patterns and expensive fabrics, since errors are not uncommon with your first project.

What Quilting Supplies Does a Beginner Need?

There are some quilting supplies you will need in your crafting collection before you start on your first project. Aside from your fabric and needles, you will also need safety pins, a rotary cutter, thread, sewing scissors, seam ripper, quilting ruler, self-healing mat, and a fabric pencil.

During your search for supplies, you will come across some terms you should be aware of too. One of these terms is batting; this is the filling material used for your quilt, pillow, or anything else that requires filling.

Batting can be acquired in various materials; this includes natural fibres such as cotton, wool, and bamboo. You could also acquire some synthetic fibres such as polyester or a cotton-polyester combination (natural and manmade fibre).

Where Can I Find Quilting Supplies for Beginning and Advanced Quilters at Spotlight?

At Spotlight, quilters can find an entire category filled with quilting supplies. We provide quilting tools for beginners as well as advanced quilters, and we also have a range of quilting fabrics! So, whether you are a beginner or an expert, you are bound to find what you need at Spotlight.

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