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Want to Learn Hand Quilting? Find Out How at Spotlight!

Hand quilting is a popular hobby these days, and certainly worth trying! If you are curious about hand quilting, and getting your supplies from Spotlight, be sure to check out some of our tips for hand quilters below. Even if you have never quilted before, you can undoubtedly get started with this guide.

What Tools Do I Need for Hand Quilting?

Before you start hand quilting, there are certain tools you will need. Below, we have provided a brief overview of hand quilting tools. Before you start on your first quilting project, make sure you have these tools available.

Quilting Frame or Hoop

During hand quilting, you will need something to keep the fabric stretched - this tool is called the quilting frame and hoop. A good quilting frame or hoop should support the weight of the fabric, but also provide proper tension.


Hand quilting also requires a good set of needles. There are different size needles to choose from - this includes the most common sizes 8, 9, and 10. Even though quilters should have all three of these needles on hand, beginners usually find the number 8 easiest to work with.

We must mention that you are not obligated to go with a number 8, since each quilter has his or her own preferences. While most beginners will find a number 8 quite convenient, others prefer a number 10 to get a bigger needle eye. So, be sure to consider your own preferences and the available options before you decide.


Not everyone uses one, but it is certainly recommended if you are serious about your quilting projects. Working on a quilting project can put some strain on the finger, so using a thimble can make your crafting experience more comfortable.


The sewing thread you use during your quilting is important too, because not all threads provide the same quality and durability. For beginners, we usually recommend the cotton thread. Cotton is easy to work with, but also durable and affordable.

How to Prepare Your Needle for Quilting?

Before you start quilting, take approximately 50 centimetres of thread and push it through the eye of the needle. Make sure you do not knot the thread in any other way but with a quilter's knot, because you can simply bury the tail of the tread in the layers of your quilt instead - this prevents any unsightly knots in your design.

To prepare your needle for quilting, hold one end of the tread against the needle and pull the other side approximately 1 centimetre above the needle. Keep holding the side of the thread against the needle, and use your other hand to wrap your thread around the needle in a clockwise motion two to three times. Once the thread is wrapped around the needle, pinch the wraps with your fingers and pull it over the needle downwards - this will create the so-called quilter's knot.

How Do I Hide the Knot?

When you have a quilter's knot on your needle, you can insert the needle into the quilt. Pull the needle through the top and the batting part, but be careful not to go through the back of the fabric. Gently pull your needle to the surface again and make your first stitch. Once this is done, give the thread a gentle tug to embed the knot in the batting of your quilting fabric.

How Do I Secure My Thread at the End of My Quilt?

Once you reach the end, wrap your thread at least twice around the needle. When doing this, make sure to keep the needle close to the top of the quilting fabric. Then, grab the warps and pull them down again. Then, pull your needle tip through the top of the quilting fabric and the batting fabric. Once again, tug gently on the thread to bury the knot in the batting of the quilting fabric.

We must mention that there are various techniques nowadays for quilting. Most quilting kits available will come with instructions too, so you could pick up some useful tips from picking up a quilting kit. There is also plenty of information and tutorials on the internet.

Does Spotlight Provide Quilting Supplies?

Spotlight provides all the quilting supplies required by quilters - this includes quilting fabrics, but also patterns, needles, thread, and anything else the quilter might need for his or her new projects. Check out our range today and get everything you need to get started!

Do you have a question about our quilting supplies? Or are you having problems selecting the correct quilting supplies for your first project? You can always count on the experience of the Spotlight team. Get in touch with our team via telephone or email, or visit one of our Spotlight stores today.



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