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Printed Quilting Fabric

Printed Quilting Fabric

Looking for fabrics for your next quilting project? Check out our large range of quilting fabrics, which include fabrics sold by the metre, pre-cut quilting fabrics, fabric panels, lame fabrics, quilting kits and much more.

Choose from a variety of colours, styles, and designs including many children's projects, as well as a large collection of materials suitable for Christmas projects from table runners to tree decorations, and kits for toys, aprons, stockings and even an advent calendar. Many of the fabrics can be mixed and matched for a fabulous effect.

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  •   Travel Flat Fats Bundle

    Travel Flat Fats Bundle

    Incorporate this beautiful and artsy Travel Flat Fats Bundle to your sew projects, giving it the marvel it needs. Made with marvellous texture and seamless design, it provides comfort and delight to your sew projects.

    Reg: $24.99

    VIP: $15.00

  •   Forest Buddies Flat Fats Bundle

    Forest Buddies Flat Fats Bundle

    Flora and fauna came together harmoniously in this marvellous Forest Buddies Flat Fats Bundle. Well suited for lovely nature themed project, this piece packs comfort and delicate texture to well suit your project.

    Reg: $24.99

    VIP: $15.00

  •   Wide Width Prima Homespun

    Wide Width Prima Homespun

    Homespun fabric is cotton fabric that is woven in style. The Wide Width Prima Homespun will add a stylish touch to your next sewing or quilting project that requires a dash of creativity. This homespun fabric will bring an amazing look on your craft projects. Spotlight has diverse of fabrics to comp...

    Reg: $19.99

    VIP: $17.99

  •   Minky Dot Fabric

    Minky Dot Fabric

    Loving to quilt but in search for the perfect material for your quilting projects? Well, you're in luck! This Minky Dot Fabric will surely add into your quilting projects perfectly. Lovely and simple design, it surely enhance your sew projects! This lovely fabric is just perfect for blankets, beddin...

    Reg: $16.99 - $18.99

    VIP: $11.89 - $13.29

  •   Star Minky Dot

    Star Minky Dot

    Explore your creative side and jump straight into your next quilting and sewing projects with the fun and vibrant Star Minky Dot . This gorgeous print will add a stylish touch to your next creation. Shop the complete range of Quilting Fabrics online.

    Reg: $18.99

    VIP: $13.29

  •   Laura Blythman Fairy Floss

    Laura Blythman Fairy Floss

    Fairy land themed and definitely tasteful, this Laura Blythman Fairy Floss from New Designer Range - Laura Blythman helps bring joy and cheer to any of your projects!

    Reg: $19.99

    VIP: $13.99

  •   Easter Bunny Allover Fabric

    Easter Bunny Allover Fabric

    Enjoy cute and cuddly goodness and add some into your sew projects using this adorable Easter Bunny Allover Fabric from Easter 2018 range! Well made from excellent and high quality cotton material, this lovely piece of fabric provides not only supple comfort and breathable material to add to your pr...

    Reg: $22.99

    VIP: $15.99

  •   Easter Eggs Fabric

    Easter Eggs Fabric

    Loving those Easter eggs? Would want to add some into your sew projects? Well, with this cute and cuddly Easter Eggs Fabric from Easter 2018 range you can! Well made from high quality and excellent cotton material, this lovely piece of fabric offers not only supple comfort and breathable piece to ad...

    Reg: $22.99

    VIP: $15.99

  •   Easter Patch Fabric

    Easter Patch Fabric

    Wanting to add some creative touches to your projects this special Easter? Why not use this eclectic Easter Patch Fabric from Easter 2018 range! Well made from excellent and high quality cotton material, this lovely piece of fabric provides not only supple comfort and breathable material to add to y...

    Reg: $22.99

    VIP: $15.99

  •   Ibot Cogs

    Ibot Cogs

    Ibot Cogs collection featuring colourful robots, whirling gears, hexagon dots and a multi-coloured hi-tech patchwork print. This play quilt made for kids!

    Reg: $22.99

    VIP: $15.99

  •   Ibot Allover Fabric

    Ibot Allover Fabric

    Add a more seamless and flawless design to your quilting projects by using this stylish Ibot Allover Fabric! Thanks to the exquisite and elegant cotton material used to make this fabric, it offers supreme and supple comfort paired with airy plus breathable properties fit to add more comfort to quilt...

    Reg: $22.99

    VIP: $15.99

  •   Dr Suess Polar Fleece Fabric

    Dr Suess Polar Fleece Fabric

    Come and add some lovely touches of polar fleece to your quilting projects using this adorable Dr Suess Polar Fleece Fabric! Thanks to its high quality plus exquisite polyester material and high colour retaining properties, this remarkable fabric offers stunning beauty paired with vibrant colour ton...

    Reg: $22.99

    VIP: $16.09

  •   Printed Floral Ponte Knit

    Printed Floral Ponte Knit

    Create your dress with Printed Floral Ponte knit, The fabric is wrinkle-free, durable, soft, stretchy, and moisture resistant....

    Reg: $24.99

    VIP: $17.49

  •   Ibot Dots

    Ibot Dots

    Make Ibot patchwork quilt for your kids and add the Ibot dots that come in different colours - Orange, Grey, and Light grey. Your kids will love it!

    Reg: $22.99

    VIP: $15.99

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Can I purchase printed quilting fabrics at Spotlight?

Yes, you can. As well as a huge collection of printed fabrics available by the metre, this range also includes several stunning panels in varying sizes, which can form the centrepiece of your quilt, bedspread or wall hanging. In addition, we have a large stock of printed quilting fabrics in pre-cut fat flats and jelly rolls, so whatever your next project, you will be able to find the right printed quilting fabric for it here at Spotlight.

How should I select my printed quilting fabric?

As a rule, you should gather together fabrics that complement each other rather than clashing colours. Apart from that, there are no hard and fast rules although most quilts are made up from a combination of plain and printed fabrics. Printed fabrics are best used with designs of varying sizes, to avoid the quilt looking too bland when finished. Of course, you can also mix in stripes and geometric designs as well as florals.

How much fabric will I need for my project?

Depending on how intricate your individual pieces of material are, you will need to allow between 10% and 25% of the material for seam allowances and wastage. For this reason, buying strips or fat flats will mean that there is less waste when working on small items, but for larger quilted projects such as blankets or bedspreads, you may be better off buying material by the metre and cutting that to your required size. Experienced quilters never throw away usable remnants but keep them in a “stash”, ready for future projects!

How will I know which printed fabrics work together?

It can seem daunting, when first starting with quilting, to know which s=colours and patterns to select together. There are several ways around this, including buying a quilting kit in a design you like which already has the necessary materials included, or browsing through magazines or pattern books (see our delightful quilting books here at Spotlight) until you have found a look you like and copying the styles of materials used. For certain things, like seasonal items for Christmas, Easter or even Halloween, colour is the most important. Combine reds, gold, green and cream for a traditional Christmas look, or combine yellow and white with a splash of lime green and florals for a typical Easter design.

Alternatively, you can achieve a very restful look if you go for many patterns in the same colour, especially if you opt for soft pastel tones such as mint, pink or lilac. Try to limit your choice of patterns to one or two large -scale patterns and three or four smaller patterns to tone in with the colours of your main pattern, and you will soon have a wonderful effect. Give some thought to adding a border too, to complete your design in style.

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