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Are you looking to make a quilt that looks a little different? Or looking for a specific animal print to incorporate in your quilting designs? Check out our huge collection of animal print quilting fabrics, featuring designs such as cow, leopard, and even dalmatian. Check out the collection and grab your animal print quilting fabric for the most affordable price!

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What To Think About When You Select Your Sewing Projects?

Sewing fabrics require careful consideration. After all, you have to consider the project you need the fabric for as well as its durability once the project is completed. As there are many things to consider when you choose sewing fabrics, we have created a useful guide for you, which you can use to easily find the best sewing fabrics.

When Is The Drape Important When Selecting Sewing Fabric?

The drape is something that always needs to be checked, no matter the project you are working on. Drape is the term that is used to refer to how a fabric hangs on a garment, curtains, or any other projects you are about to make. For example, silk is a fabric that has a relatively soft drape. However, linen fabrics are a lot heavier.

How Do I Evaluate The Colour Of The Fabric?

When you order fabrics online, it is important to pay special attention to the colour of your fabric. This also applies to customers who view fabrics in the store, as the manner in which the light falls on the sewing fabric can influence its overall look.

Considering your computer monitor and how it displays colours is important during your online fabric selection. If you are choosing your fabric colours in store, always hold it in different shades of light to get a better idea of how it will look on a garment, curtains, or quilting projects.

Should I Choose Stretch Or Non-Stretch Sewing Fabrics?

The selection of sewing fabrics also includes deciding on the stretch of the fabric. Some projects, including activewear, require a little more stretch from the fabric. Other projects such as curtains need less stretch from the sewing fabric.

When buying sewing fabrics online, you can easily evaluate the stretch by looking at the type of weave. Tighter types of weaves tend to have less stretch, while looser weaves will provide more. The type of material the sewing fabric is made of is also important, as materials such as lycra and jersey fabric are very stretchy indeed.

Please note that extremely stretchy fabric can be difficult to work with. If you are quite new at sewing, it can be hard to work with stretchy fabrics. Therefore, choose sewing fabrics with less stretch if you are just starting out with sewing.

What Are The Best Fabrics To Work With?

This is a question that is subject to the crafter. Some crafters develop their own preferences over time, so once you become more proficient at sewing, you may have your own list of preferred sewing fabrics. However, if you want some ideas to get you started, here are our personal favourites.

Light cotton sewing fabric - This kind of sewing fabric is brilliant for most garments, this includes summer dresses and women's tops. For easy sewing, we recommend a light cotton with a relatively tight weave. However, always make sure the fabric does have some flexibility, as this could influence the drape of the dress.

Heavy cotton sewing fabric - If you are looking for a fabric that is somewhat more formal and bulkier, heavier cotton sewing fabric will be recommended. Despite its name, heavier cotton is still easy to work with. Of course, you should only use this type of fabric when the project pattern recommends it.

Linen sewing fabric - Linen is often ignored by beginners. Even though it is a little harder to work with than a light cotton, it does have advantages that beginners cannot ignore. For example, linen always fall beautifully on a variety of projects. Even if you aren't that experienced in terms of drape and flow, linen will make things easier on you.

Silk sewing fabric - We do not recommend working with this fabric from the beginning, as this material is a little more delicate and more difficult to work with. However, when you become more proficient, silk is not a material you should ignore. It has countless applications from garments to upholstery.

Large Range Of Sewing Fabrics Available At Spotlight

Once you have picked your favourite in our range of animal print sewing fabrics, be sure to check the remainder of our catalogue too, as we have more affordable sewing fabrics available to take advantage of.



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