Sleepwear Patterns

Make your own nighties, pyjamas, and slippers with these great sleepwear patterns from Spotlight. Browse our amazing range of fabrics at Spotlight now.

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Can I purchase sleepwear patterns at Spotlight?

Yes, you can. With these versatile patterns, you can make your own nighties, pyjamas, robes, onesies and even slippers. From elegant silky camisoles, right up to warm flannel pyjamas for the winter months, you can find patterns for women, men and children in this range.

Most paper sewing patterns come in a range of sizes or have variations, so you can change the length of your garment, or have short or long sleeves or legs, which means you can produce various alternatives from one pattern.

Why make your own sleepwear?

Above all, sleepwear needs to be comfortable if we are to get a good night's sleep. If you can't find sleepwear that is the right size in the shops, or you don't like the materials or colours it comes in, sleepwear is one of the easiest things to sew yourself. If you or someone in the family prefers to sleep in just pyjama tops (or bottoms), you can avoid wasting the unused other half by making your own. Sewing your own sleepwear can also save you quite a bit of money, especially if you have kids that seem to be growing several centimetres every week. So, don't put up with sleepwear that cuts into you or is too short, simply make your own!

What is included in the sleepwear patterns range?

We have plenty of practical everyday items for the whole family such as pyjamas, shorts, robes and night gowns. If you are looking for something more glamourous, take a look at our range of patterns for camisoles, slips and chemises. Many of the sleepwear garments in the range can also be adapted to make comfortable leisure wear by simply changing the material or making small adaptations, so the possibilities are endless.

What else is included in the range?

Kids will love the comfortable slippers which you can make in various sizes and for different types of year just by changing the material you use. There are also women's lingerie items in the range, as well as some great unisex sleepwear. There is even a pattern that includes a nightshirt for dogs.

Does Spotlight sell material to make sleepwear items from?

Yes, you can find all types of material here at Spotlight, from silky fabrics for seductive nightgowns to sturdy flannel for warm winter pyjamas. In addition, our sewing range will provide you with elastic, buttons, zips, poppers, lace and embellishments for all your sleepwear, as well as all the tools, equipment and essentials you may need for your sewing project.

How will I know which sleepwear pattern is right for me?

Simply click on a pattern you like the look of, and you will see that an image of the back of the pattern envelope becomes visible too. This will state all the required information such as the sizes the garment can be made in, the amount and type of material needed, and what other extras you need to complete the project. Often you will also get an indication of how easy or difficult a pattern is.



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