Lingerie Accessories

Creating or repairing your own lingerie?Have a look at our lingerie accessories catalogue below! Here you will be able to find lingerie retainers, shoulder straps and even bra cups! We also offer a variety of colours and materials, so you will be able to find the perfect accessory for your lingerie.

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Can I purchase lingerie accessories at Spotlight?

Yes, you can. This is where you will find replacement bra straps and clips, bra extenders, padded bra cups, lingerie elastic, repair pockets and even new bra underwires! Instead of throwing away your favourite lingerie because something has snapped or broken, or because it no longer fits, use these handy accessories to repair or modify your lingerie items.

How to make the most from your existing bra's?

Because women's bodies react to all sorts of influences, such as hormonal changes, breastfeeding, weight gain and loss, etc., most of us have several bra's in our wardrobes that don't actually fit. Rather than throwing these away, take a look at how you can wear them again using some of the handy accessories available here at Spotlight:

Bra extenders:Having trouble doing up your bra because you have gained weight, or it has shrunk in the wash? Try a bra extender. These handy extension pieces simply clip to your existing bra hooks and allow you to gain a few extra inches without having to buy a whole new bra. Available for single row or multiple row hook closures.

Replacement straps:Bra straps often give out and lose their elasticity while the rest of the bra is still fine. With some replacement straps, you can get a whole new lease of life from your bra.

Replacement clips for bra's and bikinis:Sometimes the washing machine or the tumble dryer "eat" plastic clips! You put your bra or bikini top in the wash and when it comes out, the plastic clip is either broken or has vanished completely! Don't despair - these replacement clips will fix quickly and easily onto your garment. The same often applies to bra wires - if you have a bra where one of the wires has mysteriously disappeared or got bent in the wash, now you can get replacement wires!

Need some help to enhance your silhouette?With these discreet padded bra cups and pads, you can get a fuller silhouette, enhance your cleavage or push up your chest to suit a particular top or dress.

Replacement pockets:For all those people who carry keys or coins in their pocket - a quick and easy way to replace or repair a whole pocket or just the bottom half of a pocket. Choose from sew-in pockets and iron-on pockets depending on your preference.

As well as the accessories mentioned above, there are various types of elastic for pants and pyjama's, replacement suspender clips and many more items that will help you when fixing your lingerie items. Take a look at the range today to see what is on offer. This is just a small part of the huge range of fasteners and haberdashery items on offer at Spotlight.



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