Specialist Fasteners

If you are a keen dressmaker or want to repair some of your clothing, then take a look at this range of specialist fasteners and other handy dressmaking accessories from Spotlight. As well as bra straps, lingerie elastic, hooks, and fasteners, the range also offers some other useful items. Here you can find replacement sew in and iron on pockets, bra cups in various shapes, extender hooks for bras and other clothing, suspender clips, bikini hooks and bra underwires. Just a small selection of the large collection of fasteners available at Spotlight.

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Can I purchase specialist fasteners at Spotlight?

Yes, you can. Whether you are a keen dressmaker who is stocking up for the next time inspiration strikes, or just looking to repair a broken favourite, you are sure to find the specialist fastener that you are looking for in this collection. Shop online or in-store today for fantastic deals and guaranteed low prices across the store.

What is included in this range?

There are lots of different items included in this range of specialist fasteners here at Spotlight, check out our guide below for everything that is available in this category. At fabulously low prices, stock up now and be prepared for the next emergency repair.

Pads and Pockets: This collection of specialist fasteners at Spotlight features a wide range of bra cups, in both black and white, which can easily be sewn into a homemade-dress or top for added support. Alternatively, you can even use these little cups in your own bra to give the girls a lift, perhaps when wearing a low cut dress at your next special event. We also have an Iron-On repair pocket, making it easier to repair or replace pockets in trousers, jackets, jeans, shirts or any other garment.

Underwire: There is nothing worse in the world than feeling the familiar poke of the underwire escaping on your favourite bra, but simple repairs can be made with our Ezisew Bras Underwires. You could also include these when dressmaking, with this adding support and providing lift and form when wearing your handmade glamourous gown.

Straps, Girdles and Elastic: Our selection of bra straps are available in three different colours, white, black and nude, and are perfect for swapping the straps on a bra you love. Pop nude straps on if you are wearing an off the shoulder number or make a statement with black. Alternatively, check out our Birch Clear Shoulder Straps, these clear straps would be perfect for when wearing strapless clothes and even feature a cute diamante heart. This collection also features knicker elastic, bra strap elastic and lingerie elastic, essential components when creating your very own lingerie. This also includes our Birch Bra Extend, a handy extender that easily clips onto your own bra to give you more room in the back

Clips and fasteners: Whether you are looking for a bra clip, suspender ends, or perhaps a bikini clip, we are sure to have the specialist clip or fastener for you. With a variety of different types, colours and sizes available, you are sure to find what you are looking for.

How can I use these fasteners?

Well, that depends on what you are doing really and the project that you are hoping to create. Fit bra cups into your new hand-sewn dress for added support, repair a broken bikini strap in time for your holiday, or perhaps, use our range of straps and fasteners to create your own lingerie. Whether you are producing or repairing, our essential collection of specialist fasteners includes lots of handy clips and tools. Stock up now on our range of specialist fasteners and be prepared for the next time inspiration, or emergency lingerie repairs, strike.

Is there anything else I need to remember?

Some of our products may contain small items that are not suitable for very young children, as they could pose a choking hazard, and should be kept out of their reach at all times. Please check the descriptions by each product for further information. Alternatively, if you have any other questions, please feel free tocontact us, where one of our customer service representatives will be happy to assist.



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