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Discover the Different Types of Clothing Components for Your Garment Projects

At Spotlight, customers can find a variety of clothing components. These clothing components are commonly used in garment making, so it is certainly a good idea to get familiar with them. In our guide below, you can find some of the common clothing components obtained from Spotlight. So, be sure to read on if you need some clothing components for your garments.

What Is Super Tape?

Super tape is a special type of tape that contains a clear adhesive on both sides - this type of tape is commonly used in combination with materials such as beads, paper, rubber charms, wood, glitter, sand, chipboards, and loads more.

At Spotlight, customers can find super tape in various colours and sizes. If you need a specific type of tape for your project, you can undoubtedly find it in our clothing components collection.

What Is Res-Q Tape?

Res-Q tape can be compared to regular super tape. It is a special type of tape with a clear adhesive on both sides. The tape is commonly used for the temporary repair of hems and seems. Therefore, the tape easily sticks to fabrics, leather, and paper.

One of the benefits of using Res-Q tape, opposed to other types of tape, is that the tape does not leave residue on fabrics. The material is quick and easy to work with too, so it is suitable for beginners as well as advanced crafters.

What Is Instant Hem Tape?

An instant hem tape is also used to temporary fix hems on garments and other fabric projects. The tape has a special clear adhesive that does not leave any residue, making it more convenient and quick for crafters to use. The tape also does not require any sewing or ironing.

What Is Shoulder Padding?

Shoulder padding, in terms of garment making and sewing, is a special pad that can be sewn into clothing. Shoulder padding is used to enhance the shoulders, making them broader and more pronounced.

At Spotlight, customers can find shoulder padding in various materials, sizes, and colour - this ensures every crafter finds shoulder padding to match their intended project. Of course, different materials have different properties, so be sure to check our collection before ordering.

What Are Epaulettes?

Even though these clothing components are less common in fashion, you might remember them being worn by Beyoncé - in the "Telephone" music video. Epaulettes are ornamental shoulder pieces, used for jackets and even military uniforms around the world.

There are various types of epaulettes that can be pre-bought, but crafters can make these epaulettes themselves too. Since epaulettes can be made from different materials, crafters can be quite creative with their creation too.

What Are Collars?

Collars are a part of a garment. They are found around the neck of a shirt, blouse, jacket or coat. They can be upright or turned over based on the style. There are also different types of collars that lay flat.

In the world of fashion, you will find that various types of collars have a different name. Collar types you will find in fashion includes the ascot collar, Albany collar, granddad collar, Barrymore collar, buster brown colour, and many others. Therefore, you will have no problems finding inspiration if you want a unique collar for your fashion pieces.

Please note that collars can come with or without buttons. However, even collars that have buttons are left unfastened to meet current fashion trends.

What Are Braids?

Another clothing component you could consider for your garment designs is the braid. A braid is often used for trims and binding, putting accents on clothing when required.

A flat braid is one of the most common braids found in garments. The flat braid is used as a decorative border, often by folding it and stitching it over raw fabric edges.

Crafters could also use the so-called Soutache braid. The Soutache braid is a special type of decorative braid, often with a herringbone pattern. The decorative braid is a common occurrence in braided rugs, but it also has applications in hats, handbags, belts, and similar crafting projects.

Can I Acquire These Clothing Components at Spotlight?

Spotlight has an incredible range of clothing components - this includes all the items we mentioned earlier, but also some additional options such as polyester boning, heading tape, and iron-on interfacing. Spotlight also has an incredible range of fabrics and other crafting materials available, so we are sure you will find what you are looking for in our store.

Do you have a question about any of the clothing components available at Spotlight? Or are you looking for something specific for your crafting project? If so, be sure to get in touch with theSpotlight team or drop by yourlocal store.



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