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Discover Spotlight's Ultimate Guide to Fabrics!

Are you looking for fabrics for your latest sewing project? If so, you will find everything you need at Spotlight. In our store, customers can find an amazing selection of fabrics for all types of sewing projects - this includes curtains, clothing, bedding, and much more. Read on to discover our fabric buying guide, and get the best fabric options for your upcoming project.

What Fabric Fibres Are Available Today?

Fabrics are made from fabric fibres. These fabric fibres can be manmade or natural, and this could influence the properties of your selected fabric. Below, we have listed a short overview of the fibres you can expect for current day fabrics.

Synthetic Fabric Fibres

Most fabrics made from synthetic fibres are quite affordable, which makes them quite suitable for customers who are taking on their first sewing project. Of course, synthetic fibres do have additional advantages, especially when you are looking for a fabric that is quite durable, or a fabric that holds onto its colour better than others.

Linen Fabric Fibres

Customers who choose linen fabric are often looking for something that dries quickly - this due to the quick drying properties of linen. Most linen fabrics are quite breathable too, which makes them suitable for applications such as clothing and bedding.

Linen only has one disadvantage, and this is that linen tends to wrinkle quite quickly. Aside from that, it is one of the most versatile natural fibres out there.

Cotton Fabric Fibres

Cotton fabrics are considered amongst the most popular fabrics in the world, since cotton is a fibre that has loads of benefits. Cotton is breathable, durable, does not hold onto smells, and can be used in most sewing projects.

In some cases, manufacturers will use a combination of cotton and synthetic fibres in a fabric - this is done to provide the benefits of cotton and synthetic fibres in one fabric. However, when you purchase a fabric blend, you must consider that the benefits of the cotton or the synthetic fibre will not be as strong compared to a full cotton or a full synthetic fibre fabric.

Silk Fabric Fibres

Even though silk fabric is another type of fabric that could be used for most sewing projects, it is often the preferred fabric type for curtains. Silk is a material that naturally drapes well, just look at some of the silk curtains you can find at Spotlight.

One of the downsides to silk fabric is that this type of fabric can be a little more expensive than cotton or linen fabric types. Despite this, it is the advised fabric choice for customers who are working on advanced sewing projects and want to get the best result.

What Is a Fabric Weave?

Most fabrics are created on a loom - this causes the fabric to have a specific weave. A weave is a term used to indicate two or more sets of yarns interlaced with each other. Of course, this weave may vary for various fabric types. Below, we have listed a quick overview of common weave types, which you could take into consideration when shopping for your fabric.

Plain Weave

Most fabrics will have a plain weave - this is the simplest and the most affordable type of fabric weave out there. A plain weave has a weft that alternates over and under the warp.

Basket Weave

As the name indicates, this type of weave closely resembles of plaited basket. It is characterised by two or more wrap ends and filling picks, but woven like a plain weave.

Twill Weave

The twill weave is also a common occurrence amongst fabrics. It is characterised by diagonal lines across the surface, and is often used for tailored suits and other formal men's clothing.

Oxford Weave

An Oxford weave is thin and soft, yet durable. It is a double weave variation, but still based on the plain weave construction, which provides this weave with its durability.

Satin Weave

Fabrics with a satin weave can be recognised by the shiny surface of the fabric. The nature of this weave is not as much determined by the manufacturing method, but by the yarn used to create a satin weave fabric.

What Fabrics Can I Obtain from Spotlight?

At Spotlight, customers can acquire fabrics by the metre. These fabrics are quite diverse, since they come in various weaves and in various colours. Our fabrics are also made from various fabric fibres, enabling customers to find the perfect fabric for their specific sewing project.

Customers can also get the best prices on fabrics at Spotlight - this because of our lowest price guarantee. There are also special deals for our Spotlight VIP members, who can get their specialty fabrics even cheaper. So, be sure to check out our VIP service if you need fabric regularly.



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