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Everything You Want To Know About Woven Fabrics

Woven fabrics are not just used for the production of cosplay costumes. In fact, they have applications in other clothing items as well as upholstery. Evidently, woven fabrics have their advantages and disadvantages. If you wish to learn more about woven fabrics and their properties, be sure to read on.

Which Materials Can Create Woven Fabrics?

As you can imagine, various fabric fibres can be used in the creation of woven fabrics, this includes natural materials such as cotton and linen, but also polyester and rayon. These fabric fibres and their distinctive weave eventually lead to the creation of denim, broadcloth, silk, satin, flannel, and even twill.

Is Woven Fabric More Expensive Than Other Fabric Types?

Woven fabric can be a little more expensive than other fabric types, this is due to the manufacturing process. To create a woven fabric, the fabric fibres are placed on a loom. However, the weave ensures that the material is durable and can stand the test of time, so the additional investment is worth it.

One of the major benefits of woven fabrics is that they do not stretch or shrink. If you have bought knitted fabrics before, you may have noticed that the stretch and the shrinkage causes damage to the shape of your garment quickly. This is why it is so beneficial to choose woven fabric for clothing items you want to wear for a considerable time to come.

Are Woven Fabrics Comfortable?

Woven fabrics do not tend to cling to your body, and it retains its shape well, this is certainly a benefit for clothing such as cosplay costumes, as it ensures your costume remains in place and retains it shape over time. On the flipside, woven fabrics are not stretchable, this means they are less flexible than knitted fabrics. Still, when it comes to overall look and aesthetics, woven fabrics win every time. As the latter is extremely important for cosplay costumes, many cosplayers prefer to make their costumes from woven fabrics.

Are Woven Fabrics Easy To Maintain?

The maintenance of woven fabrics is easier than some other fabrics, this because the weave prevents the material from shrinking and the fact that weaves are more durable overall. Even though the rigid nature of the weave makes the material thicker, it does mean they can withstand more repeated washes.

When it comes to the maintenance of your woven fabrics, you do have to take the type of fabric fibre into consideration. Some fabric fibres such as cotton and polyester are easy to wash, while other materials such as linen and silk can be difficult. As a result, we always recommend checking the wash label on your cosplay clothing before putting your costume in the washing machine.

When Should I Use Knit Fabric For Cosplay?

As we all know, cosplay is always subject to attention to detail. Many cosplayers work months on their costume, and they want it to look flawless. If you want to make 100% sure that your cosplay costume retains its shape while you are wearing it, woven fabrics will usually provide the better result. That being said, there can be situations where a cosplayer may prefer a knitted fabric instead.

If comfort is an issue for you, then knitted fabric could be the better option. As this fabric is more flexible, it will move with your body as you run around at a cosplay event. Of course, as knitted fabrics are less good at retaining their shape as woven fabrics, it is always good idea to have some costume checks in between, this to ensure that everything is still as it should be.

At the end of the day, both woven and knitted fabrics have their fair share of benefits and it often comes down to the cosplayer in question to evaluate the fabrics. Some people prefer to look flawless where their costume is concerned, while others prefer to be more comfortable and a little less perfect.

At Spotlight, we provide cosplay costumes as well as the fabrics to make those costumes. So, whether you want to buy a costume or make one from scratch, you can always count on Spotlight to provide the best supplies for the lowest prices.



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