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Learn Everything You Need To Know About Georgette

Georgette is extremely popular among fabric manufacturers because it is easy to print on. So, if you are looking for fabrics with some of the most intricate printed designs, you are bound to find them in the Georgette section at Spotlight. But what makes this fabric better in others where properties are concerned?

What Is Georgette Fabric?

Crafters can recognise Georgette fabrics by their grainy feel, which is quite obvious when you run your fingers over the material. As we mentioned earlier, the material is also quite receptive to dyes and colours, which means Georgette fabrics bring you some of the most original colour choices.

To create Georgette, manufacturers weave the cloth with twisted yarns. By twisting the yarn, it creates the unique texture of the material and that typical grainy feel that is associated with Georgette.

Are There Different Types Of Georgette Fabric?

There are a bunch of different types of Georgette fabrics, each with their own benefits. The different types can be determined by the source fabric fibre, but also weave variations and specific patterns.

For example, if you are looking for a shiny type of Georgette fabric, you should look at Satin Georgette. As the name suggests, this fabric is a little heavier than the basic version and has a unique satin weave. As a result, the material provides a similar sheen as other satin fabrics.

Nowadays, you can also get Georgette in polyester fabric fibres. Georgette fabrics that are made from polyester are often referred to as Poly Georgette. Evidently, this makes it a lot easier to identify the different Georgette types available in stores today.

What Are The Benefits Of Georgette Fabric?

Much like other fabrics, Georgette can deliver different benefits depending on the source fabric fibre used by the manufacturer. Below, you will find the most common benefits associated with silk Georgette options.

Georgette made with genuine silk fabric fibres is one of the most beneficial fabrics out there. Firstly, it can be worn throughout the year because of the thermal regulation properties of silk. Secondly, it also has a light weight and an incredible soft feel, making it a comfortable and hypoallergenic option.

Most Georgette fabrics made from silk come in the most vibrant and exuberant colours, which makes it a lot easier to come up with some original fashion designs. As an additional benefit, this kind of Georgette fabric is also colourfast, which means you do not have to worry about colour bleeding when you wash the material or when you wear it during rainfall.

Another major advantage of this Georgette material is the strength it has. While it is not completely indestructible, it is strong enough to withstand additional decorative techniques such as embroidery. Evidently, this can make evening gowns and prom dresses even more interesting.

Georgette made from silk is also resistant to wrinkles and creases, which certainly reduces the maintenance the material requires overall. Of course, silk should still be washed and dried with care, as you cannot use harsh wash cycles or put it in the dryer. Despite that, you do not have to worry about ironing a silk Georgette dress once you washed it.

The final benefit of silk Georgette is a resistance against mould, mildew, and dust. This also contributes to the overall hypoallergenic properties this fabric is associated with. It also means that you can store a garment made from this fabric without much trouble.

What Is The Difference Between Chiffon And Georgette?

If you are familiar with chiffon already, you may wonder if there is a different with Georgette. Truth of the matter is that both fabrics share similar properties, which obviously makes them quite popular with fashion designers across the world. But how do you tell the difference between both.

In short, chiffon is slightly softer than Georgette and tends to have a more obvious sheen. On the flipside, Georgette tends to be more durable than chiffon and has a bouncier drape. If you are looking for a flowy drape, then chiffon will be the recommended choice.

Georgette Fabric Selection At Spotlight

Spotlight has a beautiful range of Georgette fabrics that are available for sharp prices. As you may suspect already, Spotlight's range of Georgette fabrics come in the most elaborate colours and designs, giving you something extremely special to work with. Discover our full range of Georgette fabrics today and grab yourself a deal for your next crafting project.



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