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How Do I Choose A Costume That Fits Me?

There are many fun costumes out there, which you may consider for cosplay or special occasions such as Halloween. But how do you choose a costume that truly fits you? You may have seen loads of beautiful costumes online, but that does not mean they will fit you and your personality. So, how do you choose a costume that makes you an inspiration for others?

Why Is It Important To Incorporate Your Character Into A Costume?

If you are a whimsical person, there is little point in wearing a more serious costume. In this instance, a fun costume such as a fairy or even a unicorn will fit you better. This is one of the reasons why incorporating your character into your costume is a good idea.

Of course, your character is not the only thing that will determine a good costume. Have a look at your wardrobe to determine what kind of clothing you usually wear. Do you dress conservatively? Or does your wardrobe have a sexy tinge? Determining your personal style and taking it into consideration when you choose a costume will make the world of difference for your comfort and your confidence.

Should I Choose Colours I Normally Wear?

Not necessarily, but it can help you to feel more comfortable in what you are wearing. Let us take one of our previous examples. If you dress up like a whimsical fairy, but only wear black clothing usually, you might feel less than comfortable in your chosen costume. Of course, this does not mean you cannot dress like a fairy, but maybe a dark fairy would match you better.

Colours are something that enable you to wear anything but remain within your personal preferences. So, even though you are not obligated to wear colours you would usually wear, they certainly help to stay within your own personality and style.

Using Inspiration From Previous Costumes

If you are quite the cosplay fan, or regularly dress up for Halloween, you may have a large number of costumes in your possession already. While you do not have to wear the same costume again, previous costumes can give you inspiration. They can provide you with ideas that you are sure you will enjoy wearing, but most importantly they give you more insight on what things to avoid.

How Do I Incorporate My Interests Into A Costume?

Finding a costume based on your personality can be challenging at times, but it does not have to stop you. One of the easier ways to determine a costume that suits you is by looking at some of your own interests and hobbies. You might be fond of certain television series or movies, from which you can choose a character to portray. Or maybe you are a gamer who draws inspiration from games such as The Witcher, World Of Warcraft, or even Two Point Hospital. Whatever it may be, you can find inspiration all around you.

Does A Small Budget Limit Me In Getting A Good Costume?

Not at all. While budget does play a factor where convenience is concerned, you do not need a lot of money to come up with an amazing costume. Yes, a larger budget enables you to buy a quality costume from a well-known seller that is made to measure, but if you are creatively inclined, you can make your own for a fraction of the price.

Those who are not that creative do not have to worry though, as Spotlight provides a range of costumes for an affordable price. So, if you cannot make your own costume but want something that fits you perfectly, why not check out our catalogue?

How Much Time Will I Need To Plan My Costume?

We always tell our customers to plan ahead. Even if you already know what you are going to wear, there are variables that may take some time, this includes any alterations to your costume if the fit is not 100% right. You may also require additional things such as makeup and accessories to make your costume even better. The last thing you want is try out your costume on the day, only to find out it does not fit. So, start planning at least a couple of weeks before your event.



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