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Everything You Need To Know About Rayon Knit

Rayon knit fabric remains popular among crafters, as it can be used to create a variety of garments. If you are not familiar with rayon knit yet, then let us enlighten you with this informative article about rayon knit and its applications.

What Are The Advantages Of Rayon Knit?

There are so many applications for rayon knit fabrics, so it is no surprise that many crafters have a huge amount of this fabric in their hobby room. To convince you to use this fabric in your own crafting projects, here is our overview of the main benefit.

Draping benefits: The drape of a fabric can be incredibly important for certain garment, this is especially the case when you are making a dress or another garment where drape can make all the difference.

Rayon knit is known for its excellent drape. The reason for its good drape is its weight, which provides more volume without making your garment appear too bulky. Since this is a problem you can often get with cotton, we recommend rayon knit for garments that need to look more elegant or formal.

4-way stretch: If you have worked with many fabrics in the past, you already know that not all fabrics have a good stretch. When you use a fabric with less stretch, garments can feel rather restrictive, so there are certainly some benefits to choosing rayon knit with more stretch.

Another advantage to rayon knit is that it has a lovely 4-way stretch. When you want a pair of leggings or even a skirt that does not ride up, then this stretch certainly comes in handy. The stretch can also provide some benefits as a binding material.

Softness: Rayon knit also has a remarkable softness. While other fabrics such as cotton also provide a soft feel, Rayon does as well. Unfortunately, not everyone knows about the softness of this material, which leads it to be overlooked.

Durability: Finally, Rayon knit has a really good durability. Some fabrics are prone to pilling, this includes polyester knits. Rayon knits on the other hand, do not pill that easily and have more durability than most cotton knits.

What Are Some Of The Disadvantages Of Rayon Knit?

Since every type of fabric has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, it is important to look at some of the downsides of the material as well. This will enable you to choose Rayon knit for the right kind of projects and get the most out of it.

Weight: When you purchase some Rayon knit for a project, it is important to check the weight. Some lighter weight fabrics may not be suitable for the project you have in mind, as these can be quite thin. If you want the better weight for garments, we suggest Rayon of a medium weight.

Figure hugging: Rayon knit can be rather figure hugging. Despite the stretch that it provides, it can show some flaws a little more than some other fabrics. However, this only happens with pure Rayon knit. If you use a combination of materials, you can still benefit from Rayon's benefits and create a flattering garment for yourself.

What Are The Types Of Rayon Knits?

As you may know already, there are various types of rayon knit. One of the most common is jersey, which comes in everything from extremely thin to really thick. Jersey is not pure rayon though, because it is mixed with other fabric fibres such as polyester and cotton.

There is also a relative new rayon knit on the market in the form of bamboo jersey. Most bamboo jersey materials have a medium weight and hold their shape really well. The price of this particular knit can depend on the area you are in and the overall availability of the material according to region.

If you are looking for maximum protection against pilling, be sure to look out for the final Rayon knit, the Rayon polyester blend double knit. As the name suggests, this ultimate blend of fabrics provides a lot of additional weight and drape. You also get a fabric that is more resistant against pilling. So, if pilling is an issue for some of your created garments, then this is the fabric that will provide you with the best result.



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