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Ponte Di Roma & Double Knits

Ponte Di Roma & Double Knits

Ponte di Roma double knit is, as the name suggests, a double-knit fabric which means that it has been sewn with 2 sets of needles on 2 needle beds of a knitting machine.

This has resulted in a great and versatile fabric with some stretch, ideal for making a variety of garments including dresses and tops.

Here at Spotlight, choose from a wide variety of wonderful Ponte di Roma and similar knitted fabrics in plain, striped, patterned, sparkly and floral designs to suit all tastes, available by the metre.

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Can I purchase Ponte de Roma & double-knit fabrics at Spotlight?

Yes, you can. Browse our exciting range of double knit fabrics to discover a wealth of designs including plain, striped, patterned, sparkly and floral designs to suit all tastes, and all available by the metre. Ponte de Roma knits are stable, easy to sew knits that have a good weight, resist wrinkles and creases, but still have some stretch, which makes them ideal for creating a variety of garments including dresses, jackets, bottoms, skirts and tops. Here at Spotlight, you can choose from a wide variety of wonderful Ponte di Roma and similar knitted fabrics.

How is Ponte di Roma fabric created?

The fabric is a double knit, which means it is a double layer of fabric, knitted by machine with two sets of needles on two needle beds. The fabric can be knitted from all sorts of types and weights of yarn and elastane is often included to increase the stretch. It is a firm, stable knit which holds its shape well in a garment, which means that your clothes will look good for longer. Being a double-knit means that this is a two-sided fabric so it can often be used for unlined or reversible items.

Is Ponte di Roma fabric easy to sew with?

If you are new to sewing, or have not had much experience, sewing knitted fabrics can seem challenging. These fabrics are prone to stretching, rolling up at the edges, and being generally tricky to handle. But Ponte di Roma is easier than some other knits. Being a double-knit. Ponte di Roma fabric is often of a medium weight, this means it is better suited to more structured garments rather than draping clothes. However, it also means that it will hide any lumps or bumps we might not want on show, and is brilliant for any garments you do not wish to line. The double-knit structure makes the fabric a bit firmer and more stable – so it does not roll at the edges and is a lot easier to sew than normal knits.

What about the other knitted fabrics in the range?

There are a variety of different knitted and stretch fabrics available in this range from Spotlight. Sewing with knit fabrics does not have to be more difficult than sewing with woven material, but it takes a little time to get used to the differences. Here are some tips to get the best out of working with knitted fabrics:

  • Use special needles on your sewing machine. Most machines will take special ballpoint needles or stretch needles, which are designed to cope with this type of fabric and will make it less likely that you will ladder the fabric.
  • Use a small zig-zag stitch for sewing seams, specially where the material still needs to stretch, such as necklines, armholes etc. Straight hems can often bobble or make the fabric stretch more than you want to.
  • Use a walking foot or dual feed foot attachment on your sewing machine to help to prevent the fabric from stretching out while sewing. They grip the fabric and feed both layers of fabric through the machine at the same speed. Consult your sewing machine manual to see which attachment your manufacturer recommends.
  • Pay close attention to direction of stretch and always lay your pattern pieces accordingly (they should be marked). The direction of stretch (usually the width of the fabric) goes around the body.

Can I purchase knitted apparel fabrics at Spotlight?

Yes, Spotlight stock a wide variety of knitted apparel fabrics including jersey, Ponta di Roma, double knits, ribbing and many more. Most of our fabrics are available by the metre, except a few which are available in pre-cut pieces. This is more economical if for instance you only need a small piece for some cuffs or a waistband, or want to use some for craft projects.

What are the features of knitted apparel fabric?

In principle, there are two main types of knitted apparel fabrics, weft-knitted and warp-knitted.

Weft-knitted fabric is made by looping together long lengths of yarn. It can be made by hand or machine. The yarn runs in rows across the fabric. If a stitch is dropped, or the fabric is damaged, it will ladder down the length of the fabric. The fabric is stretchy and comfortable and is used for socks, T-shirts and jumpers.

In warp-knitted fabric, the loops interlock vertically along the length of the fabric. Warp knits are slightly stretchy and do not ladder. Warp-knitted fabric is made by machine. It is often used for swimwear and underwear.

What are the benefits of knitted apparel fabric?

Some of the main benefits of knitted fabrics are:

Stretch - Sewing with knitted fabric can be a challenge, mainly because these fabrics have plenty of stretch and the edges may curl up as you work. However, this feature makes it possible to create form-fitting garments that do not require buttons, zippers or hooks. Knit materials stretch in all four directions, which is useful for creating comfortable t-shirts, underwear and other one-piece garments.

Easy Care - Depending on the material used in the fabric and the size of the knitting, knit fabrics are usually easy to care for. Most of them are suitable for machine washing, although a gentle temperature and spin speed are recommended. Wool knits do need more care, with most of them requiring hand washing in warm water with liquid soap, and air-drying flat to avoid stretching the garment's shape.

Comfortable to Wear - Most people like knitted fabrics for their softness, warmth and stretch. The softness does depend on the fabric or material yarns used. Properly cared for knitted fabrics retain their shape and elasticity and do not wrinkle easily, which increases their aesthetic appeal.

Knitted fabrics are also easier to produce than woven ones, involving fewer man hours and machinery, so the cost is usually lower than that of woven fabrics, but they may be less durable.

Does Spotlight sell other types of fabric too?

Yes, as well as over 400 different types of knitted apparel fabric, available in many different colourways and designs, Spotlight stocks a full range of woven fabrics and specialty fabrics, and the range is further extended with decorating and interior fabrics, craft fabrics and general-purpose fabrics, so check out the full range today!

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