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  • Husqvarna HHC100Q Sewing Machine

    Husqvarna HHC100Q Sewing Machine

    The HHC100Q is a fully functioned computerized sewing machine with two one-step button holes and 20 built-in stitches including quilting, utility & decorative stitches. It is fully optioned with all the bells and whistles to make sewing enjoyable, including needle threader, start stop button, sp...

    Reg: $300.00

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  • Elna 40 Sewing Machine

    Elna 40 Sewing Machine

    The Elna 40 sewing machine is a machine with plenty of functions to help tackle your latest sewing projects. The built in needle threader lets you get started right away, as does the simple start/stop button. This machine features a wide range of stitching styles to choose from, letting you select t...

    Reg: $549.00

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  • Elna 1000 Sewing Machine

    Elna 1000 Sewing Machine

    This user-friendly machine is perfect for your basic sewing needs. The fourteen stitch options offer a simple selection of styles, and the four-step buttonhole function lets you create garments with ease. This uncomplicated machine is perfect for beginners, or those who just require elementary use f...

    Reg: $249.00

  • Elina 21 Sewing Machine

    Elina 21 Sewing Machine

    This sensational sewing machine is easy to use as well as highly versatile. Featuring fifty-eight stitch functions and snap-on feet for quick changes, this hardy machine is a staple for any sewing room. Tough enough to sew denim, this machine is built around a die-cast metal frame and includes a bui...

    Reg: $249.00

  •   Brother GS2510 Sewing Machine

    Brother GS2510 Sewing Machine

    This fantastic sewing machine is perfect for the occasional user, or people who just want to keep their sewing simple. The GS2510 has a durable, metal chassis for durability. This machine also doesn't need to be oiled, nor does it have loads of confusing settings. It has twenty five different stitch...

    Reg: $349.00

    VIP: $199.00

  •   Brother GS3710 Sewing Machine

    Brother GS3710 Sewing Machine

    With thirty seven stitching styles to choose from, this durable sewing machine is ideal for a variety of sewing tasks including dressmaking, repairs and home furnishing. Capable of stress stitches, overcasting and hemming, this machine features an automatic needle threader to get you started right a...

    Reg: $349.00

    VIP: $199.00

  • Semco 83CO Sewing Machine

    Semco 83CO Sewing Machine

    Keep things simple with this charming Semco 83CO Sewing Machine. Featuring several stitching options and a slide reverse lever, this entirely mechanical sewing machine is straight forward to set up and easy to use. The built-in handle makes transportation easy. The four-step buttonhole function, adj...

    Reg: $229.00

  • Elna EL2000 Sewing Machine

    Elna EL2000 Sewing Machine

    This sensational sewing machine comes with a multitude of features to help you take on any sewing task. With a twin-needle capacity and a front-loading bobbin, this sewing machine can sew anything from satin to denim. The twelve included stitch styles have adjustable widths and lengths, and the conv...

    Reg: $249.00

  • Semco Smart Touch Computerised Sewing Machine

    Semco Smart Touch Computerised Sewing Machine

    This marvellous sewing machine is suitable for a variety of sewing needs. Featuring 80 built-in stitching styles, you are sure to find the one you need. The auto start/stop button, adjustable stitch width and one step buttonhole feature make even the most difficult dressmaking a breeze.

    Reg: $200.00

  • Brother NS15 Computerised Sewing Machine

    Brother NS15 Computerised Sewing Machine

    The NS15 is the simplest machine in the Brother NS range, and is by far the easiest to use. The built-in needle threader makes getting started quick, while the LCD display shows you which stitch (from a choice of sixteen) you have chosen, as well as the width and length. An LED sewing light, seven-p...

    Reg: $300.00

  • Elna 792D Overlocker

    Elna 792D Overlocker

    This Elna overlocker combines plenty of features at an affordable price. Able to be used as a three or four thread, the 792D has electronic foot control, a carry handle and adjustable stitch lengths and cutting widths. This overlocker is able to perform three thread overlock, wide thread and rolled ...

    Reg: $399.00

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  • Elna 664PRO Overlocker

    Elna 664PRO Overlocker

    The Elna 664 Pro overlocker includes a range of features to help you with your next sewing masterpiece. The perfect companion to your sewing machine, this overlocker features an automatic tension release, built-in cutting blade, self-threading lower looper and colour-coded threading routs. This over...

    Reg: $699.00

  • Semco 750D Overlocker

    Semco 750D Overlocker

    The Semco 750D Overlocker helps to make dressmaking easy. Featuring an auto threading mechanism, adjustable stitch lengths and widths, as well as a two needle thread, this overlocker is quick to set up and get going.

    Reg: $349.00

  • Birch Silicone Iron Rest Pad

    Birch Silicone Iron Rest Pad

    Have the need to sew? Is sewing your passion? Well, let us worry about your sewing essentials, because we got it all here just for you! This Birch Silicone Iron Rest Pad is perfect for your sewing projects. Made from high quality material and built to last, it will be a remarkable addition to your s...

    Reg: $24.99

  • Birch Iron Cleaner

    Birch Iron Cleaner

    The Birch Iron Cleaner removes starch, melted fusibles, burned on synthetics and detergent build up. This will not remover discolouration in metal finish.

    Reg: $6.99

  • Semco Sewing Machine Dust Cover

    Semco Sewing Machine Dust Cover

    This Semco Sewing Machine Dust Cover protects against dust, lint and sunlight.

    Reg: $11.99

  • Husqvarna Viking H Class E10 Sewing Machine

    Husqvarna Viking H Class E10 Sewing Machine

    The best part about the HUSQVARNA VIKING H-CLASS E10 sewing machine is it's easy-to-use and comes with a variety of features and accessories to get you started. The stitch selection ensures you'll be able to express your creativity whether it's creating clothes, home decor, or gifts for friends and ...

    Reg: $299.00

  • Singer 3210 Sewing Machine

    Singer 3210 Sewing Machine

    Featuring 23 built in stitches and easy stitch selection, as well as easy threading and a 4-step buttonhole, this sewing machine is perfect for novice sewing projects. The free arm means you can easily sew cuffs, collars and other tricky items, while the extra-high presser foot lever lets you work o...

    Reg: $329.00

  • Singer 7465 Sewing Machine

    Singer 7465 Sewing Machine

    This Singer 7465 Sewing Machine is built to last and durable.

    Reg: $799.00

  • 3M Scotch-Brite 30 Sheet Lint Roller

    3M Scotch-Brite 30 Sheet Lint Roller

    It's important to look your best and 3M Scotch Brite Lint Rollers makes it easy to keep your clothes, lint, hair and fuzz free. Roll your clothes on the way out, touch up before a meeting or simply remove unwanted pet hair. Don't forget to consider alternative uses too: glitter, fabric and thread pi...

    Reg: $9.49

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