Tips For Hanging Pictures

Level: Easy



Step 1 - Layout

Wall size - If you have a large wall space, don't just put 1 small frame. Look at creating a gallery wall or grouping multiple frames to fill the space. The same goes for smaller walls, try not to overload these with large pictures.

Multiple frames - If hanging multiple frames, it's easier to make decisions by arranging your frames on the floor first. Measure the distance between how far they need to be apart and record the layout with dimensions on a piece of paper to refer too.

Templates - Another option for multiple frames is to trace each frame off onto card, cut out and draw an arrow so you know the direction of the artwork. Use blue tack or washi tape to secure the templates to the wall while you decide on the layout.

Step 2 - Height.

The general rule for hanging pictures is to always hang them at eye level unless you are doing a gallery wall where there are multiple frames all over the wall.

If hanging above a bed or couch, ensure you don't leave too much distance between the frame and the furniture. It depends on the size and layout of the frame, but it is recommended to leave no more or less than 6 - 8 inches between the bottom of the artwork and the furniture. Just remember you want the art to remain visually connected to the furniture and room. Don't leave a big enough gap that your eye is drawn to the wall space between the 2 pieces.

Step 3 - Measuring.

Finding the exact point where you need to nail your hook into the wall can be tricky. Of course, you can do the math but there are also a few tricks you can do to make this nice and easy.

Tip no.1 toothpaste! It's not exactly the first thing that comes to mind when hanging pictures but by placing a small dab of toothpaste on the back of your frame where the hook is and gently pressing it against the wall will leave a small mark as to where your nail needs to be. Wipe off any excess toothpaste and you're ready to hang!

If your frame has 2 hanging points an easy way to determine the hook positioning is to stretch out a piece of masking tape across the back of the frame between the 2 points and mark with a pencil at the centre of those points. Carefully pull off the masking tape and you now have the measurement between your hooks. Position the tape onto the wall in the position you want to hang and insert the nails where you had marked! You're now ready to hang.

Step 4 - Hardware.

There are plenty of options when it comes to physically hanging pictures. Picture hanging kits are available at spotlight and include everything you could need. We also have a lot of adhesive options which are particularly good for rental properties. Keep in mind the frames weight will determine the type of hook and hardware you need to use. Always read the packaging that comes with the hooks to determine the weight it can hold.

You can also consider using decorative eye screws to attach to the back of the frame at the top and then use wire or ribbon to tie between them. You can then hang your picture from the wire directly onto a hook in the wall.

A spirit level is your best friend, and if you don't have one of these at home you can even download one from the app store!



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