Quilted Nursery Fleece Wall Hanging Project



  • Sky Blue Micro Nursery Fleece - Cut 2 pieces 90cm x 120cm
  • Lightweight Iron-on Interfacing - Cut 2 pieces 90cm x 120cm
  • Coral Micro Nursery Fleece - 40cm
  • Ivory Micro Nursery Fleece - 35cm
  • Sunshine Yellow Micro Nursery Fleece - 30cm
  • Basil Micro Nursery Fleece - 35cm
  • Sky Blue Micro Nursery Fleece - 30cm
  • Marvel Grey Micro Nursery Fleece - 25cm
  • Black Micro Nursery Fleece - 20cm
  • Matching thread
  • Fabric or Craft Glue


Wall Hanging:

Step 1 - Iron the interfacing to the back of each 90cm x 120cm sky blue fleece rectangle. Place the two sky blue rectangles right sides together, interfacing on outside and lay on table. Pin across the top edge. Measure 10cm down from the top edge and mark with a pin. Pin down the sides, starting from the pin marker, and across the bottom leaving a 15cm opening in the middle of the bottom line. Stitch all pin lines, securing all ends. Turn right side out through bottom opening.

Step 2 - Top stitch across top edge, down the sides (starting 9cm from the top) and along the bottom edge. Top stitch a second line across the top 9cm down from the top edge. This makes a pocket for a rod to be inserted to hang your finished project. To secure the side hems of this pocket, simply tuck under and secure with a few drops of fabric or craft glue, being careful not to glue the opening closed.

Step 3 - Applique: Draw a rainbow shape on paper 50cm wide x 40cm high. Make each coloured ray 2.5cm wide. Cut out each ray to use as a guide for cutting fabric.

Step 4 - Using paper rays, cut fleecy rays 5mm wider on inside curve for each colour except black (last colour) which will be the exact size as paper. There will be 7 rays: coral (the largest), ivory, sunshine yellow, basil, sky blue, marvel grey and black (the smallest).

Step 5 - Place the coral ray in position on the wall hanging and pin in place. Place the ivory ray next, making sure the top ivory edge overlaps the lower coral edge by 5mm, and pin in place. Continue adding the remaining 5 rays in the same way. Using a zig zag stitch and matching coloured threads, stitch the top edge of each ray in place, then stitch the bottom edge of the black (last) ray.

Step 6 - Draw a cloud shape on paper 25cm wide x 15cm high.

Step 7 - Using the stencil, cut 2 clouds from the white Micro Nursery Fleece. Pin in place over the rainbow ends and, using a zig zag stitch, attach to the wall hanging.



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