Level: Easy


  • Crafters Choice Twist Cotton Macrame Cord
  • 6 or more 4 Seasons Marvel 8ply yarn balls
  • Scissors
  • Optional: bristle pet brush


Step 1 - Start by cutting 10 - 15 strands of the macrame cord cutting to the length you desire.

Step 2 - Align all the strands and leave a suitable amount of cord before wrapping, this will depend on the length of your cord. This will be the raw cord hanging from the end of the wrap that can later be brushed out or left in twists depending on the desired shagginess.

Step 3 - Start the wrap by taking one end of yarn and folding the end in half to the desired length of the wrapped section. Align the ends to the starting point of your yarn to have a loop. Holding the tail end of the yarn start wrapping the yarn around tightly. Insure you leave some of the tail out of the wrap as this will be needed later.

Note: To avoid gaps after knotting try to overlap the yarn so no spaces can form.

Step 4 - Continue wrapping until you reach the top of the loop, from this point the yarn can be cut from the ball, leaving about 6cms. Thread the newly cut tail through the loop and begin to pull on the yarn hanging at the bottom of the wrapped section, closest to the part of the wall hanging that will have the exposed macrame cord. The loop should start to move, along with the other end of the yarn. Once you have pulled the loop completely into the wrapped section you can then trim the excess yarn. Repeat these steps, changing the colours and sizing of the wrapped section.

Optional: Once done the macrame cord can be brushed out with a metal bristle pet brush to untwist the cord and form a shaggy affect. To finish, begin knotting the wrapped cord until you're happy with the finished outcome.



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