Brother Kitchen Apron Project



  • 27.5" (70cm) check gingham
  • 4"10cm light weight Vilene
  • 51" (1.30 metres) rick- rack braid
  • 1 face washer
  • General sewing supplies
  • 'Brother' Sewing Machine
  • Edge-stitch foot
  • Cutting Mat, Ruler and Cutter (optional)



From check gingham cut:

  • 1 x 31" (80cm) x 24" (60cm) for apron
  • 1 x 6" (5cm) x 8" (20cm) for pocket
  • 1 x 18" (45cm) x 3.5" (9cm) for waistband
  • 2 x 24" (60cm) x 3.5" (9cm) for ties

(See layout diagram)

From Vilene cut:

  • 1 x 45cm x 9cm for waistband
  • Press onto wrong side of waist band

Face washer:

  • Unpick stitched hems and press open


Step 1. Hem sides of apron with 0.4" (1cm) seam allowance. Hem bottom of apron with 2" (5cm) hem allowance. On right side of apron stitch rick-rack braid along hem line. Hem sides of ties with 0.4" (1cm) seam allowance. End may be cut on a 45 degree angle. (See diagram 1)

Step 2. Make pocket by folding over 2" (5cm) hem allowance the fold under 0.4" (1cm) seam allowance, press and stitch hem down with Rick-rack braid. Press under 0.4" (1cm) seam allowance around pocket edge.

Step 3. Position pocket on apron front 4" (10cm) down from top and 3.5" (9cm) in from side (adjust position to match checks) Stitch around pocket with edge-stitch foot. (See Diagram 2)

Step 4. Turn up flat edge on face washer and stitch down with rick-rack braid. Position and pin face washer on front of apron starting 4" (10cm) from side edge. Stitch two rows of gathering stitch 0.4" (1cm) apart along top of apron. Pull up gathering threads and pin right sideof waistband to wrong side of apron leaving 0.4" (1cm) seam allowance at each end. Stitch waistband to apron with 0.4" (1cm)
seam allowance.

Step 5. Make small pleat in ends of ties. Attach to ends of waistband. Press 0.4" (1cm) seam allowance to inside bottom edge of waistband. Attach waistband to apron.



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