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Faux Floral Lampshade Project




  • Arbee Wire Lampshade Frame
  • Plastic florists lattice
  • Faux Floral Stems
  • Hot Glue Gun & Glue
  • Wire Cutters
  • Cable ties
  • Light fitting

Faux Floral Lampshade Project
Faux Floral Lampshade Project Download Faux Floral Lampshade Project


Step 1. If your lampshade is drum shaped, measure your lampshade at the following points: opening circumference, height. Use these measurements to cut out your florist lattice using the wire cutters. You should have a rectangular piece of lattice.

Step 2. If your lampshade is conical, lay the lattice on a flat surface and place your lampshade on its side. Marking your starting point with a visible marker, carefully roll the lampshade across the lattice and trace its path. Cut out the lattice, which should be semicircular.

Step 3. Using cable ties, firmly affix the lattice to the outside of your lampshade form. Trim the ties off once sufficiently tightened.

Step 4. Use the wire trimmers to remove the stems from your flowers. Leave a small section of stem (around 1cm) to glue to. Ensure you have a good mixture of large and small flowers as well as greenery.

Step 5. With the hot glue gun, begin to place your largest flowers. Place glue around the section of stem, then press into a corner of the lattice. Hold for a few seconds to allow the glue to bond.

Step 6. Once you have placed your large flowers, repeat using your greenery. Then place your smaller flowers, buds and stamen. Cover as much as you like.

Step 7. Once the glue has dried, pull off any visible beads or string of glue.

Step 8. Attach your light fitting.

Faux Floral Lampshade Project Download Faux Floral Lampshade Project
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