Christmas Cutlery Holder Project




  • Christmas quilting fabric
  • Sewing Machine
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • Thread

Christmas Cutlery Holder Project
Download Project Instructions Download Christmas Cutlery Holder Project


Step 1. Create pattern by making a rectangle that is the length and width of your cutlery.

Step 2. Add a 1/3 of this length to the top of the rectangle and 2/3rds to the bottom. These lines will be folded over to create the pocket.

Step 3. Add 1cm seam allowance to the pattern and cut out the fabric.

Step 4. Using an iron press the hem of the top layer then sew the pocket down.

Step 5. Press the rest of the patterns fold lines and pin with right sides together, making sure the top layer of pocket is underneath the other flap.

Step 6. Stitch down both sides of the triangle and snip corners to create a neat point.

Step 7. Turn pocket inside out and press to finish.

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