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The Golden Rules Of Book Gifting

A popular gift for a special occasion around the world is undoubtedly a book. But are there certain unwritten rules you must take into consideration when you gift someone a book? The short answer to this question is yes, as not all books are appreciated by your recipient. If you want to make sure you pick the right book gift from our catalogue, be sure to discover the golden rules of book gifting below.

Why Should I Avoid Religious Books?

When we mention religious books, we are not talking about spiritual books in a whole. In fact, if your recipient is quite the spiritual person, then a spiritual book on meditation or other general spiritual activities will undoubtedly be appreciated. When we talk about religious books, we really mean books such as the Bible.

Even if you are a religious person, you have no idea of knowing if someone else is too. While you might want to provide them with the same support that your religion is providing you, religious books are almost never appreciated. In fact, they tend to make poor gifts. So, if someone is not religious and has no interest in such things, do not put a Bible on their wishlist.

How Can I Find Out Which Books They Like?

Nowadays, it is relatively easy to find out which books your recipient likes. Books can be bought physically as well as digitally, so this provides you with two ways to find out which books you could purchase.

If your recipient is a digital book fanatic, be sure to take a look at their online wishlist. Most digital booksellers have a wishlist in place, so you can easily see the titles that your recipient has on his or her wishlist.

Of course, some people prefer the romance and the simplicity of old-fashioned, physical books. For these recipients, you only need to look at their bookcase to figure out what kind of books you are interested in. You might discover they have a collection from a single author as well, which gives you the opportunity to gift a book from this author they may not yet own.

If you are not that great at spying for personal preferences, no need to worry, because you can ask your recipient a question without letting on you are thinking of buying them a book. Simply ask your recipient what the last book they thoroughly enjoyed was, this enables you to sift out some of the unwanted books and points you in the right direction.

Even if your recipient does not enjoy books, there is no reason why you cannot gift them the perfect book. In fact, if your recipient is obsessed with a television series or a game, you would be surprised just how many books surround those series or that game. In short, a book is a gift that is suitable for everyone, you just need to know where to look.

If you are totally lost on the book you should obtain for your recipient, then you can always ask the advice of an experienced book seller. By asking for advice, you may uncover a title that fits your recipient's requirements. Even with little information, you can come up with an interesting title.

Should I Add Something To The Book Before I Gift It?

Books are often a personal choice, so many people who gift a book to someone will always include a little note or an explanation in the card. There are many reasons why you may choose a certain book for your recipient. Explaining to your recipient why you choose that book may give the book additional meaning, ensuring it will be treasured for years to come.

While you could write a note in a book, this is not always appropriate. If the book in question is from a well-known author and quite valuable, you should put your note in the card instead. However, if you are obtaining a coffee table book, you can write a sentimental and thoughtful note on the inside cover. Not only does your book stand a bigger chance of being displayed, it will be treasured for a long time too.



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