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We can help you create the perfect gift boxes + loot bags for your party guests at Spotlight. Browse online now what we offer to surprise your guests!

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Can I purchase gift bags and boxes at Spotlight?

Yes, you can. Spotlight carries a great selection of gift bags and boxes that will create beautiful presents for any birthday, special occasion, fundraiser or charity event. This range of gift accessories changes with trends, demand and seasons so be sure to check back frequently to discover new items for your next gift giving requirements or party planning needs.

What's included in the gift bags and boxes range at Spotlight?

Spotlight has a fantastic selection of gift bags and boxes to suit any special occasion, holiday or event including:

  • Micro Kraft Bags - handled bags perfect for party favours or small gifts. Various colours.
  • Kraft Treat Bags - basic, flat-bottomed bags for loot bags or gifts. Various colours available.
  • Medium Kraft Bags - for larger treats and gifts. Various colours.
  • Amscan Organza Bags - box bottomed or not, each style has a satin drawstring.
  • Amscan Treat Bags with Bow - great for homemade gifts and snacks.
  • Vivaldi Favour Bags - in lace or linen-look, available in various colours.
  • Amscan My Little Pony - various bags, containers and cups for gifts and treats for kids.
  • Medium Gift Bags - mixed colours and styles for all occasions.
  • Bottle Gift Bags - for gifting a bottle of wine.

And so much more. Take a look - we're sure you'll find the perfect gift bag or box to make your gift or party favours awesome.

Which gifts bags and boxes are best for a kids' party?

There's no denying it, kids love receiving gifts and the more flamboyant and pretty, the better. Not only that, but they love giving gifts too, especially in the form of prizes and favours at their birthday party. Spotlight has a large variety of gift bags and boxes to tick all the kids' party must-have list. Use any of our medium-sized gift bags to place your chosen gift in when attending a party. If you're the host of a kids' party, loot bags and party favours are a must. Think red and white striped popcorn boxes, which are great for popcorn, and as parting gifts too. The micro kraft bags in a rainbow of colours work a treat for loot bags and party prizes. For girls who'd like something a little more delicate, choose the organza bags, which work well for gifts, treats and pamper products.

Which gifts bags and boxes are best for a wedding?

Whether you are hosting a wedding or attending one, Spotlight has the most amazing gift bags and boxes for gifts and favours. Weddings are often styled in elegant and delicate fabrics, decorations and soft colours and Spotlight has the following gift bags and boxes perfect to fit the bill:

  • Amscan Organza Bags. These dainty bags look fabulous filled with little gifts, such as personalised mints or candies for guests.
  • Amscan White Wedding Cake Bags. A must to send your guests home with a piece of your wedding cake. 25 small bags per package.
  • Medium Gold Stripes Bag. This spacious bag makes a stand-out wrapping for your gift to the bride and groom.
  • Vivaldi Favours Lace Bag. An exquisite lace and satin string bag for small gifts and favours.

Which gift bags and boxes are good for bottles?

A bottle of wine, spirits, craft beer, or a high-end bottle of cordial is not only a useful gift, it's often very much appreciated (and sharable). That's why our gift bags and boxes range would not be compete without purpose-made bottle bags. Choose classy silver and white for weddings and anniversary gifts or brightly coloured bags for birthday, career-related or housewarming gifts.



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