Curling & Raffia Ribbon

The Raffia ribbon is a rustic alternative to traditional grosgrain or satin ribbon for gift packaging. Discover the variety of colours at Spotlight!

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Can I purchase curling and raffia ribbon at Spotlight?

Yes, you can purchase curling and raffia ribbon at Spotlight's online shop, or in person at any of our stores throughout Australia, New Zealand and Asia. We love giving gifts and having parties so be sure to check out our large selection of gift decorations and party supplies that will help you plan the best and most beautiful celebrations and events.

What is curling and raffia ribbon?

Curling ribbon is a thin strip of fabric or paper that curls easily and is used mainly as a gift decoration. It is available in many different colours to suit any gift wrap or gift bag and party theme. Several strands of curling ribbon together can make the most gorgeous frills on presents for all occasions. Raffia ribbon is similar to curling ribbon but it is more rustic and rough in texture as it comes from the raffia palm, a native plant of Madagascar and tropical Africa. It could be compared to hay for it's durable, heavy-duty nature. Although it is typically natural in appearance, it is often dyed in various colours and used for making bows and tying gifts, flowers and plants together.

What is included in the curling and raffia ribbon range at Spotlight?

Our range of curling and raffia ribbon is stocked full of ribbons to help you create beautiful works of art when giving gifts and decorating for a party or special event. Here's a sample of the kinds of curling and raffia ribbon in our collection:

  • Metallic Curl Ribbon Reel - shiny and available in all the best colours.
  • Hearts Curling Ribbon Reel - gorgeous multi-coloured hearts on white ribbon.
  • Plain Curl Ribbon Reel - easy to use and curl ribbon in several colours.
  • Birthday Curl Ribbon Reel - vibrant "Happy Birthday" curl for gifts and balloons.
  • Pearl Curl Ribbon Reel - pink and white pearl coloured ribbon for elegance.
  • Craft Raffia Pollot - natural raffia for crafts, gifts and packing.
  • Craft Paper Raffia - raffia ribbon in packs of 3 colours.

Do you have curling and raffia ribbon for birthday gifts?

Yes, we think Spotlight's selection of curling and raffia ribbon is perfect for any birthday gift and celebration. Kids love bright colours, so choosing the Plain Curl Ribbon Reel in any of our 20+ colours will make your birthday gift vibrant, fun and fabulous. For a little more shine, choose a reel of the Metallic Curl Ribbon, also in a wide variety of colours to mix and match on your gift and make it outstanding. Of course, you can't go wrong with curling ribbon that says 'happy birthday' all over it so when in doubt, or to make a clear statement of birthday greetings, use this birthday specific curling ribbon as gift and/or party decorations. Any of our raffia ribbon can be used in the same way to beautify birthday gifts, big or small.

Besides wrapping gifts, what can curling and raffia ribbon be used for?

Of course, curling and raffia ribbon are often the first choices to add flair and decoration to gift bags and boxes, but they are also useful for other things. Curling ribbon is perfect for helium balloon bouquets, which not only acts as a string to hold the balloons, they can add more colour and vibrancy to these fun party accessories. Raffia ribbon makes colourful and delightful filler in gift bags and boxes, which can then be re-used by the gift recipient. Raffia bows also look gorgeous as Christmas tree or dinner table decorations.



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