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Add a touch of colour and style to your party space or table with these excellent-value decorating items from Spotlight. Choose your decorations to match an occasion, age, theme or colour scheme and buy individual items or choose some of our convenient party packs. Choose from items such as streamers, bunting, centre pieces, table covers, hanging decorations and garlands, banners, and a variety of table confetti and other decorations to decorate a table or a whole room for kids parties, baby showers, birthdays, weddings and all types of events.

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How To Decorate A Table For A Party?

You may have decorated venues before, but did you consider the tables as well? Have you always decorated the walls, entrance and other accents in a venue, only to find out you forgot about the tables completely? If this is the case, be sure to check out our top tips for table decorating below.

How Should I Set Up My Tables?

Before you even consider decorating your table for an event, always make sure that you have the basics covered. There are many things that are considered as basics where tables are concerned - this includes the type of table you use as well as its overall placement.

Remember that you don't always need the most expensive table. Cheaper and lesser looking tables can easily be embellished with the right tablecloths and centrepieces, so don't panic if you don't have a series of expensive looking tables.

Finally, consider the placement of your table carefully before you start decorating it. Make sure there is enough room for each guest to sit down comfortably. If you are putting tables outside, make sure there is enough shade or protection against other weather elements such as rain.

Which Lighting Should I Use On Or Around The Table?

Lighting is extremely important for any venue - this includes the lights that are placed on or over your table. If you are looking for an intimate and cosy feeling, we recommend some subtle lights such as small lanterns and candles. However, if you want to add more energy to your venue and your tables, some overhead lighting can do wonders.

Even with overhead lighting, you can still maintain that cosy feeling. However, you will need a dimmer or the right lightbulb to do so. Always make sure you don't use lighting that is too bright, as it could cause the venue to look uninviting.

Which Tablecloth Should I Choose For My Decorated Table?

There are various tablecloths you could use for a nicely decorated table. When you want an elegant look, we suggest tablecloths made from lace or satin. Evidently, these materials can be more expensive than other fabrics, but they look simply stunning.

When you need a tablecloth that fits most party themes, you will find that cotton meets most of your requirements. Cotton tablecloths are counted among the most affordable and easiest to maintain. On top of that, you can find cotton tablecloths in almost every colour and design, so you are bound to find some that match the theme of your party. In addition to cotton, you can also choose polyester for similar properties.

What Can I Use As Centrepieces?

There is an almost endless number of centrepieces that can be used for the centre of your party table. You can purchase one of the premade centrepieces available at Spotlight, or you can make your own with some supplies you obtained from Spotlight.

One big recommendation where centrepieces are concerned is anything that contains natural materials such as pinecones, seashells and flowers. These centrepieces always provide a comfortable and welcoming feeling, so you will find that most people choose natural materials to make their centrepieces.

When you want something a little different and less time-consuming to create, we can also recommend a selection of balloons. With a nice collection of balloons, you can make a balloon bouquet. Simply group three to five balloons together and put them in the centre of the table to create a powerful centrepiece that will draw your guests' attention immediately.

In addition to your centrepieces, we also suggest getting some place cards. While smaller gatherings up to ten people do not require place cards, we recommend adding place cards as soon as you have ten guests or more. Place cards avoid arguments over seating and enable you to keep people that do not necessarily get along so well apart from one another.

Finally, you can also add some party favours for each guest at the table. Of course, only do this when you have enough room at the table. Once you have added all the tableware and the napkins, simply put the party favour on the right side of each guest to give them something unique as soon as they sit around the dinner table.

Get Your Room And Table Decorations At Spotlight

At Spotlight, you can find everything you need for room and table decoration. No matter what kind of event you are organising, we have suitable options for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and other parties. All of Spotlight's room and table decorations are available at the sharpest prices too, so be sure to benefit from this range fully.

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